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Category Doll’s indroduction

SEDOLL Full Silicone 160cm Introduction

Silicone dolls are famous for its reality and preciousness. The non-recyclability of the silicone material determines her high price, and even during the production process, if there is a production error, the doll will most likely need to be remade…

TPE Softness of 156cm Thick Doll

The 156cm is a very distinctive body in the current SEDOLL product category, an alternative but extremely distinctive shape. Its pronounced muscularity may not be liked by the masses, but the niche crowd will like it a lot! Know more about 156cm Bess

Benefits Of realistic lifelike Sex Dolls

Compared with sex toys, TPE love dolls have no different design shapes. It is made of TPE and/or silicone material to imitate the general human body. The biggest discrimination of love dolls is the gender difference between male and female dolls. The…