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SE Doll’s new sex doll: 161cm G-cup Julia

Mature and sexy Julian quits her steady job at the bank. The rigor of the job was not unpleasant, but Julia wanted to start a new life. At the age of 28, she decided to try her hand at pursuing her dream of becoming an architect. Julia has a special feeling for architecture. She often thinks that architecture is closely connected with human memory, and memories often move through the space of architecture. She still remembered that many years ago, when she was in love with an Italian man, the young couple spent many days and nights in their apartment with a small balcony full of flowerpots. Julia’s young body was bursting with passion and desire. Hard work doesn’t stifle her cravings, it just makes her hungrier. Long periods of loneliness had made her relive those wild and romantic days countless times. In her review over and over, the memories became more vivid, concrete, and even real and touchable. In terms of sex and love, Julian had been waiting for a man to break into her imaginary scenes, by which time the room of memories would no longer be incomplete and perfect sex is about to take place. Please visit  to see more photos of Julia.