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SEDOLL, established in 2016, emerged during a vibrant and creative period in the doll industry. Through extensive market research, meticulous supply chain selection, and rigorous development, we successfully built our official website,, and released our initial collection of product images.

We have 2 global business offices in America and China, where we develop and manufacture innovative colloid toys and highly realized sex dolls. And we have two overseas warehouses, one in the US and another in the EU.

In 2019, SEDOLL gained significant recognition by introducing a series of enchanting elf doll images, featuring captivating horns. This release propelled our brand visibility and established the elf dolls as a hot-selling product within the SEDOLL lineup. With a primary focus on TPE dolls, we have earned industry-wide acclaim for our exquisite makeup, top-notch quality, and exceptional customer service.

By 2023, as the market landscape evolved, silicone dolls gradually began to capture a larger share of the doll market. Determined not to be left behind, SEDOLL embarked on a period of research, testing, adjustment, and optimization. In October 2023, we proudly launched the silicone-pro series—a new line of silicone dolls that surpassed traditional silicone in terms of softness, and realism, and even featured a realistic oral structure known as the ROS. This series of silicone dolls instantly won the hearts of doll lovers upon its release.

In late January 2024, SEDOLL made a notable presence at the AVN Expo, the world’s largest and most prestigious adult entertainment exhibition held in the United States. This participation further solidified SEDOLL’s position as a leading brand in the industry. At the expo, we unveiled a range of cutting-edge products, including our hottest TPE and silicone-pro doll collections. The exquisite craftsmanship, lifelike features, and innovative enhancements of our dolls garnered significant attention from industry professionals, enthusiasts, and curious attendees. Our dedicated team engaged in meaningful conversations, providing personalized consultations and showcasing our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

SEDOLL continues to redefine excellence in the doll industry, combining innovation, superior quality, and exceptional customer experiences. Whether through our acclaimed TPE dolls or our groundbreaking silicone-pro series, we strive to fulfill the diverse desires of our customers, solidifying our position as a trusted and beloved brand.

What Drives Us And Makes Us Different

Our sex dolls are more than adult sex toys, they are one step closer to being state-of-the-art creations. We are creating beauty and fantasies.
Our mission is to promote openness and innovation for achieving gradual and more perfect development. We are working to build both better and more workable dolls that will soon be so life-like you will swear they are living breathing human beings.
Our core competency is the ability to offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices with excellent performance and quality. The improvement of doll performance and appearance approaching perfection is our ultimate goal. We believe the sex doll market will be a multibillion-dollar industry and we intend to be a big part of that market as we explore new enhancements to our developing line of sex robots that will make us one of the most highly sought after brands in the sex doll space for years to come.

Design & Building of SEDOLL

There are 5 departments in our factory – the design unit, the molding workshop, the production workshop, the make-up workshop, and the quality department.

  • The building of each SEDOLL starts from the initial modeling of the master mold.
  • Each of the master molds requires our sculpture team months to develop.
  • Each of the dolls that were cast from the mold required more than 80 follow-up steps to turn from roughcast into the final product.

At each stage, our craftsmen will add additional details to the dolls. Our team of craftsmen has to complete each delicate step manually, which can not be replaced by a mechanical process step by step. Since each of the dolls is built uniquely according to every customer’s request, some of the more complex dolls may take a few weeks to complete.

Learn More About SEDOLL Factory And Dolls

Head Carving And Appearance Creating

Carving Head by SEDOLL professional sculptor
Creating exquisite appearance by SEDOLL experienced stylist

Skeleton Assembly And Mold Placement

SEDOLL skeletons are assembled well
SEDOLL molds are placed neatly

Mold Maintenance And Product Details Trimming

SEDOLL molds are maintained carefully
Cleaning and clipping when the dolls are released from mold

Head Refinement And Delicate Makeup

The makeup artist is making preparations before the makeup
The makeup artist is creating naturally thick eyebrows for dolls

Order Confirmation And Quality Inspection

Hanged dolls are waiting for the final order verification and confirmation by customers
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our quality team