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Option Function Introduction – SEDOLL

SEDOLL was founded in 2016 ,Shenzhen,China. SEDOLL keeps offering top sex dolls and prompt and satisfactory service. When mentioned SEDOLL, it may remind you of the impressive elf dolls,the excellent face makeup and sexbot. There are many different types of sex dolls at SEDOLL which you can choose from. Let’s go further and know more about SEDOLL.

Mouth Types

We offer two types of mouths:
Texture hole without tongue, texture hole with fixed tongue. Silicone heads cannot offer oral sex.

Hyper Realism Painting

SEDOLL offers hyper-realism body painting for all dolls. The dolls look lifelike because of the blood vessels and veins.
Attention: If you add this option, don’t rub or wash the doll’s skin too much, which may cause the veins to disappear.

Breasts Type

SEDOLL offers three breast types, which are familiar to many doll players of the differences among them. For introductions about breast types please refer to here.

Skin Color Customization

At SEDOLL, you can customize your skin color using the “Customize Skin Color” option at a price of $300.
We will formulate a special color according to the Pantone color number provided by you.

Upgraded Skeleton

The upgraded skeleton is also known as the EVO skeleton. The dolls are able to make many poses with the support of the EVO skeleton. The dolls with EVO skeletons are able to shrug their shoulders.

Movement Guide

You are suggested to pose or move the doll according to the instruction manual to avoid breaking the joints. Please treat her as gently as possible so that she can stay with you much longer without getting injured.

Moaning & Heating

Heating function

Only TPE body is available
Attention: Please avoid letting water into the charge port when washing your sex doll when you choose this option.

Moaning system

Only TPE body is available
Touch vocalization, mainly moaning
Attention:When customer orders two heads at a time, this moaning machine will be set on the body.

Gorgeous Face Makeup

SEDOLL always bring different kinds of face makeup,though some of them are complex and cost a lot of time. We aim at creating beauties to satisfy different preferences.

SEDOLL Heads Classification According to Fit Height

TPE Heads

Silicone Heads

Silicone Pro

SEDOLL Body Meansurements

Ready Doll Image