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Your Doll

Your Doll is an authorized vendor of TPE Sex Dolls (WM, YL, OR...). As one of the popular sex doll vendors in the world, they always provide the most efficient, responsive, comfortable customer service: Free worldwide shipping, discreet packaging, 24/7 customer support, no hidden charges. With 500+ sex dolls, You will find the best one you want at Your Doll. Their showroom is available in California.


Cloud Climax

Cloud Climax is an Online Sex Shop. We much prefer to be called an Online Adult Store or Adult Boutique. At Cloud Climax we have over 25 years of Retail and Lingerie experience. Cloud Climax is also a Silicone Sex Doll Specialist. We have the largest Sex Doll range in the UK and are proud to be the Official UK Reseller for DS Dolls, EX Doll and IronTech Doll. We also are an Official Reseller for SM Doll, JY Dolls and Pipedream Extreme Ultimate Fantasy Dollz. We are catalytic in making sex doll ownership as normal as a fleshlight.


Dolls France

Dolls France is an official dealer for France, Belgium and Switzerland but can ship worldwide. They sell realistic love dolls, accessories and custom handmade clothes for dolls of all sizes.
Live support in French & English.



Largest sex toys shop in Hong Kong. We have 11 shops in Hongkong.
TakeToys offers the widest range of sex toys of all types in Hong Kong. Over 10,000 adult toys and accessories in stock! Affordable prices, volume discounts, and loyalty programs, fast and discreet delivery. Check out our website take



The-Doll-House is an international web retailer of love dolls, and can be found in:
*The UK    *USA - District of Columbia    *USA – Texas      *New Zealand       *Mexico
So The-Doll-House is well placed to serve you wherever you are in the world, and supply both TPE and silicone dolls, and are authorized to supply: WM-Dolls, YL-Dolls, OR-Dolls, DollForever Dolls, DollHouse168 Dolls, Piper Dolls, SM-Dolls, Sanhui Dolls, IronTech Dolls, Z-One Dolls, Sino Dolls, and many more. Due to this, we are one of the most trusted outlets available today.


Doll Experts

Doll Experts sells new, authentic silicone and TPE sex dolls and robots of all major brands. Authorized vendor of WM, YL, JY, SEDOLL, AF Doll, DollForever, Dollhouse 168, Piper Doll and more. Based in the US, selling to the US, Canada, UK and internationally, offering the latest dolls and huge selection. Free worldwide shipping, discreet servicing, and packaging. Knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and professional. Doll Experts has the best prices and is backed by a 19+ year multi-doll owner who knows all aspects of doll ownership.

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Booty Call Dolls

I have been working with Jeff for over five years now. He was voted BEST VENDOR on TDF in 2018. His reviews are second to know.
If you want to get a SE doll from Jeff, you should email him at [email protected]



Sex doll reseller from France since 2015 -  7/7 customer service (French & English)



TDF Sex doll approved reseller -  Free Shipping

Fine Love Dolls

Fine Love Dolls

Created in 2016, Fine Love Dolls counts among the top 5 leading online retailers of ultra-realistic sex dolls. Browse among more than 1,000 gorgeous models or create your own 100% from head to toe using our industry-unique customizer! Fine Love Dolls is your one-stop-shop for any accessories, detached parts, cosplays, clothing, jewelry, makeup etc...for your love doll!              <>


Topsexdolls is one of the largest Sex Dolls retailers on the European market. Based in Czechia - Central Europe and shipping worldwide. They have a showroom in Prague and delivering Sex Dolls in stock within 2 days in Europe. Their aim is offer to customers the widest range of Sex Dolls and their product range includes over 18 proven brands from DF and over 2000 products, clearly categorized. They offer all variants of Sex Dolls (TPE, Silicon, AI Robot, Torsos, etc.). At Topsexdolls you will always find the latest trends in Sex dolls. 



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Российская Федерация


Doll Studio

* Accredited on The Doll Forum (TDF) since 2014    * Based in Europe, shipping worldwide * Import fees clearance for all regular EU destinations  * Individual customer service in English & German  * Localized website for German customers,
* Websites for international customers:
** (EU customers) &
** (customers from North America & outside the EU)



- Biggest Online Sex Doll Shop.
- TDF Approved & Authorized Vendor.
- Free Worldwide Shipping.
- VAT and Customs Clearance Service.
- 24/7 Customer Service. Chat or Email.

sex doll

Sex Doll Australia

We are a Melbourne based Sex Doll vendor and we rank #1 as the most trusted supplier of Sex Dolls in Australia. We sell highly realistic Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE sex dolls to you and provide the best sex dolls and also the most popular sex dolls on offer that you will find on the market. Our luxury sex dolls are realistic in every sense from all different kinds of body sizes and love doll body shapes that encapsulate ultimate beauty from head to toe.

logo-JC Doll

JC Sexdoll Australia

JC SexDoll Australia is professional retailer in customised love dolls and adult, novelty products. We are authorised seller and collaborate with industry leaders to bring you exceptional love dolls at competitive prices. We are based in Sydney and listed vendor on The Doll Forum. Fulfill your fantasies: customise everything from body shape, skin tone, down to nail colour. You will love your masterpiece! Discreet Service and Free Shipping!

logo - Joi


Joi Machine is one of the leading US based retailer of realistic custom TPE and silicone sex dolls, and authorized reseller of WM dolls, Irontech, JY, XY, HR, SE, Piper and Sino dolls. We have direct relations with all our manufacturers and have staff on location in china to ensure the quality of the products we sell. Our aim is to take sex dolls into the mainstream by remaining on the cutting edge of all innovations in the sex doll industry and providing the best possible service to our customers.

sexdollfetish logo

Satisfy Your Fetish

Satisfy Your Fetish is a new store which began in March 2018. Operated by Quinn and Sol, both of which are doll owners. Located at 21021 Erwin st. Woodland Hills, Ca 91367 phone 1(800) 252-0219) contact us by email at [email protected] . Manufacturing is fully compliant with industry standards to bring you the highest quality and safe medical-grade TPE and silicone dolls. With years of high tech innovation and experience in the field, our dolls are at the cutting edge in sex doll manufacturing. Which in turn means for you a wonderful beautiful love doll you can safely and happily enjoy for years to come.



LoveDolls create the world's most customizable sex dolls. All SM, WM, YL and OR, SE dolls are available to purchase from LoveDolls with all exclusive extra customizations included free. These include a variety of oral, anal and vagina texture options, premium wigs, extensive eye options, crazy pubic hair patterns, makeup options, multiple outfits, extra quality cleaning accessories and many more. LoveDolls are a British company based inside China working directly with the factories to ensure the highest quality results. Customers can customize dolls online, and mix and match between brands.

ldh japan logo

Love Doll Harem

We are a Japan based sex doll vendor which partner with Sex Doll Australia and Japanese Love Toys Australia, providing professional services and sales since 2012. We offer a wide range of dolls that are customisable to your liking. We really care about our customers and satisfaction, special requests are available in regards to make up choice or body colouring etc... All our products are 100% genuine and FREE discreet shipping direct from factory.

Oh my dollie

Oh My Dollie

At Oh My Dollie, we are committed to bringing your fantasies to life and delivering superior quality and service. We are an authorized seller of high quality TPE and silicone sex dolls from some of the industry’s top brands. We also offer non-branded dolls for those on a budget. All dolls are backed by our satisfaction guarantee and SHIP FREE! We also offer INTEREST FREE payment plans and financing via our partnership with Klarna.

Mojoz Dolls

Mojoz Dolls

Mojoz is authorized vendor for all the top Brands of TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls from around the world. With over 1,800 models available we are the largest in the world. We offer all options available for each brand. FREE worldwide shipping and provide the best customer service. We accept PayPal and all Major Credit Cards.

beautiful dolls

Beautiful Dolls

Affordable Asian silicone and fabric dolls. Pretty dolls, easy storage and a good price.

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