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163cm E-cup Yukari’s introduction

Yukari grew up with few setbacks. The family is superior, the life is smooth, the person is beautiful the heart is good. But the sun does not always reach every corner of the earth. It always needs shadows to balance things out. The same is true of people. It is a common misconception that people who look good and sunny have no dark side. But who is perfect? Are perfect things healthy? Yukari was one of those people who was misunderstood. She, who is perfect enough, is often burdened with more expectations from others, and repression and bondage are often hidden behind her smile. The night is the best time of day to relax, and alcohol is a good companion for the night. She can finally take off the “perfect” clothes, no longer load any pressure, curling up in the warm quilt to have a sweet dream. The next day, she was the perfect Yukari again. Many times, Yukari simply longed to meet a man in whose presence she could get all his love without having to be the most perfect person. Could that be you? Please visit  to see more photos of Yukari.