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5 Reasons to Buy Silicone Sex Dolls

1. More realistic skin: Skin texture and blood vessel simulation makeup, multi-level coloring makeup. It is not difficult to see that the skin details are more abundant, especially in some areas such as the breasts that can see the cyan blood vessels.

2.Softer breasts:  Compared with the TPE material, the silicone breast is closer to the softness and high elasticity of a real person. But this also means that it is more likely to leave creases if you knead your chest with hands with long nails.

3. Vivid fingers and toes: The detailed processing of fingers and toes pays more attention to the texture and folds, and the coloring of the joints makes the hands and knees more realistic and delicate. And the palms of the hands and feet allow more diversified activities, and the shape of the finger joints is more convenient to adjust.

4.Different degree of softness: Unlike the TPE material, which maintains the same softness of the whole body, silicone maintains the hardness on the hard parts such as the ankles, knees, and wrists. As shown in the video, the softness from the sole to the thigh has a gradual transitional change.

5. Longer life expectancy:  Unlike TPE, the silicone material guarantees a longer life for sex dolls. But still,  pay attention to the doll’s care and maintenance.

People have been waiting for more realistic sex dolls, which has also contributed to the continuous optimization and upgrading of sex dolls. The silicone doll is currently the best in appearance, especially when you unwrap the package at home and hold her in your arms, you know that the noble price has its own reason, and the silicone doll is really worth it.