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US Stock Replenishment: The Shipment Has Set Sail

As the warmth of spring quietly arrives, the SEDOLL sex doll family embarks on a new journey. We understand that each customer’s wait is a desire for a perfect experience. To this end, we have once again specially launched the American warehouse sex doll restocking plan, aiming to have sufficient stock in the warehouse to provide faster delivery services within the United States, allowing love and beauty to reach every waiting heart more quickly.

Meticulous Preparations Before Departure
Before this batch of sex dolls set off, our team devoted a lot of time to meticulous preparations. From product selection to quality review, every step pursues perfection. We have carefully selected the hot-selling sex dolls from the SEDOLL store to ensure we can meet a wide range of customer preferences. At the same time, every doll about to embark on this journey has undergone strict quality inspection to ensure they present in their best condition.

Doll Stocking List and Configuration Options
For this journey, 11 TPE dolls are participating, each with distinct styles and rich designs, offering a variety of choices to our customers. Once the sex dolls arrive in the United States, customers who order from our warehouse can expect to receive their dolls in just about a week, significantly reducing the wait time. Additionally, these dolls come with premium options, such as Light tan、Articulated finger、EVO skeleton、Fixed vagina、Standing feet、Gel-filled breasts 、Fixed tongue、Lubricant vagina, etc. which are the result of thorough deliberation to match the configuration preferences of most people. Below is a display of these 11 dolls.

Preparations at the American Warehouse
The sex dolls’ final destination is our warehouse in the United States, which is fully prepared to welcome the new members. Upon arrival, our professional team will conduct thorough inspections and make proper arrangements according to inventory needs. Our American warehouse is not only the end of the sex dolls’ journey but also the starting point where they stand by, ready to meet their new owners.

DepartureMarch End
ArrivalApril End
Departure and Arrival Times

The Promise of Waiting Together
Although it will take some time for the sex dolls to arrive at the warehouse from the start of their journey, we promise to continuously update logistic information and maintain transparent communication. We understand that behind every moment of waiting is a desire for beauty, and SEDOLL will wait patiently with you, ensuring that when the sex dolls are ready, they can be quickly and safely delivered to your hands.

Spring symbolizes rebirth, and our sex doll stocking plan also heralds a new beginning. Let’s look forward to the day when the sex dolls safely arrive at the American warehouse. Then, SEDOLL‘s dolls will be ready to depart from the warehouse and quickly reach the homes of every American customer, starting a beautiful journey with you.