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AVN Novelty Expo 2024: SEDOLL’s Captivating Debut

Las Vegas recently hosted the annual AVN Novelty Expo 2024, a significant event held from January 25th to 27th at Resorts World Las Vegas (3000 South Las Vegas Boulevard). Not only is this expo the largest trade show in the adult entertainment industry, but it also serves as a pivotal gathering spot for industry leaders and innovators. Numerous well-known brands and curious audiences came together to witness the latest developments and future trends in the sector.

Among the participating brands, SEDOLL, recognized as one of the more prominent names in the industry, naturally became a focal point for many attendees. At the expo, SEDOLL showcased an array of impressive TPE and silicone dolls, including the popular Samantha and the newly launched Regina. Samantha, a representative character of SEDOLL’s TPE Elf doll series, has garnered a vast fanbase with her unique charm. Regina, a newcomer to the Silicone Pro series, quickly captivated people with her delicate craftsmanship and intelligent design. Additionally, the head displays of Tracy, Kiko, Nana, and Yuuka demonstrated SEDOLL’s exquisite skills in character modeling and attention to detail.


SEDOLL’s products, visually pleasing, are remarkable for their fine craftsmanship, highly realistic hair implantation techniques, and realistic oral structure design, all of which left visitors in awe of their professional level and innovative capabilities. At the expo, SEDOLL also meticulously prepared brand brochures, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s background and product range.

The collaborative display with FunWestDoll brought a fresh cooperative experience to SEDOLL. Sharing a booth, the two brands not only enhanced each other’s brand influence but also demonstrated the potential of collaborative success in the industry, offering a diverse perspective and experience to the audience.

During the expo, SEDOLL‘s booth attracted considerable attention, especially with the video interview conducted by the Stigma team, which was a highlight of the event. Through face-to-face communication and feedback, SEDOLL was able to showcase the high quality and detailed craftsmanship of its products, further strengthening its connection with the audience.

Overall, the AVN Novelty Expo provided SEDOLL and other participating brands with an excellent platform to showcase innovative products and discuss industry trends. This grand event was not only a venue for displaying the latest products but also a precious opportunity for those interested in the adult entertainment industry to gain offline insights and engage in exchanges, thereby becoming a festival of two-way information flow.