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Care & Maintenance

Doll Care

Your TPE doll requires maintenance in order to lengthen her life span and ensure maximum durability while being used for her intended purposes. Now, this is not burdensome in fact it can be quite enjoyable and become second nature once you have been acquainted with your doll as time goes on.

Your care kit should include the following:

  • Spray bottle
  • Microfibre towel
  • Cornstarch baby powder
  • Thick makeup brush
  • Soft sponge
  • Baby oil (baby oil having to be based on mineral oil/paraffinum)
  • Nivea creme
  • Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

Her first two days

The first day of your TPE doll is the most important day.
Wash the doll 5-6 times for removing the production residues.
That stuff is unhealthy and you should remove it.
Afterward, do a mineral oil treatment, let it absorb and then do the powdering.
Let the doll rest for the night.
The first mineral oil treatment and powdering are working overnight (binding left residues).
Next day, wash off the powder, do the mineral oil treatment again, let it absorb and then again the powdering.

Now, let’s talk about washing your doll.

Washing Your Doll

It is completely unnecessary to ever take your doll to the bathroom to wash. I highly discourage this method of washing your doll. To clean your doll simply all you need is the spray bottle, baby powder, and makeup brush. Place your doll horizontally on a flat surface such as a bed or soft foam pad. Using the spray bottle make a soft soap mixture and mix.
The formula can be found here
Use an empty bottle and make a mixture of normal hand soap/shower gel and normal water in a ratio of 1:5.
That is your “doll soft soap mixture”.

We are going to wash the front half of her body now. Spray her front half and wipe using a soft sponge, do this until her torso, arms legs have been cleaned. Dry her with the microfiber towel and then powder her to remove the tacky feeling to get the smooth skin feeling. I recommend dispensing the baby powder cornstarch into a small container so it is easy to access and use the makeup brush to apply all over the parts you just cleaned her at. When you are done, flip her over and repeat the process to her back.

After washing off the doll with water and soap there can still be stains and more persistent dirt left on the TPE, which isn’t always very noticeable to the eye depending on light and the skin color of the doll. You can get rid of most of this by stroking baby oil repeatedly in the same direction along one body part at a time, and you’ll quickly see how dirt is collected by the end of the strokes. Simply pick that dirt up with a fiber towel and repeat until it looks clean enough. After cleaning the whole doll like this, you can continue to rub it all in again with baby oil and let it soak.

If you are going to oil your doll, you had better wash her. It is possible for your doll’s skin to turn black because the production powder was absorbed into the doll with the mineral oil.
Let’s talk about Vaseline and Nivea crème.

Vaseline and Nivea crème

As the crotch is a high-stress area, it is ideal if once a week you apply Nivea creme to the vagina and crotch as this contains mineral oil and quickly will be absorbed by the TPE. Mineral oil is what makes the TPE soft and elastic if it were to dry out then a rip or tear can appear so it is important to provide extra care to the vagina and crotch. Leave the Nivea creme for approximately 6 hours for it to be absorbed into the skin. For better protection, you can apply Nivea every time you use the orifices.
For a quick review,
Vaseline and Nivea creme:

– For all joints: Armpits, elbows (inside / outside), knees (inside / outside), around the ankle.
– Private area and the skin folds of the thighs.

Baby oil with mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum) is overall good for the whole doll.

Please note that Vaseline, Nivea cream and baby oil will remove the original make-up from the face, breast, and vagina of the doll, as well as self-applied make-up.
So you might want to avoid those areas or be very careful and not rub it in.

TPE Rehydration

Once a month it is recommended to hydrate the entire doll with mineral oil to keep the doll factory new. Similar to washing your doll you apply baby oil on the front half of the body and wait approx 2 hours for absorption and flip the doll over and repeat. Be sure to remove baby powder first before oiling her body. Vaseline can be used under high-stress areas, such as the armpits, crotch, and vagina but requires approx. 12 hours for absorption. Vaseline and Nivea creme have higher mineral oil content than baby oil. For hydrating the entire body, baby oil is the proper choice.

You can remove sticky and dark spots from dust/dirt (not dark stains from pigments caused by unwashed clothing) by using baby oil and Q-tips or a small towel. Simply apply the baby oil and wipe gently above the spot for removing it.

Note-Many people stain their dolls. A very good method to avoid this is to wash clothing in the sink. You change the water and repeat until the water is clear.
After the clothing is dry, you can wrap it around an insert/TPE material. You then place a book or something similar on it to produce weight.

Of course, the vagina, anus, and mouth if used will require some added care.

The love holes – Using Lube

You may find this surprising but it is now unnecessary to use water-based lubrication for sexual intercourse with your doll. It is safe to use Vaseline or baby oil for lube alternative. If you want to use regular lubricant, make absolutely sure it is water-based and not silicone-based. Insert vaginaIf she uses an insert, here are some pointers.
1. Use baby oil to lube the insert
2. Use baby oil or Vaseline around the opening
3. Insert a couple four fingers into the insert hole and use another hand to open up the hole by lifting up
( her legs are already spread wide of course)
4. Line things up then insert the insert
5. Wiggle fingers in the insert once inside to remove them

If you install the cleaned and dry insert with baby oil or vaseline, it is normal that the insert is really tight inside the cavity.
And that is very good! You can leave the insert inside the doll.
It is good if you have an additional insert for changing.

After sex, put a tampon inside the insert.
1. Nothing comes out when you remove the insert
2. The tampon soaks off a lot of the fluid inside the insert

Clean and let insert dry.

Fixed Vagina

If your doll has a built-in vagina, then it is trickier to clean, but you will need an aquarium pump to air the cavity out completely.
We will discuss pointers to dry and disinfect.

To dry, we suggest using tampons, one for the mouth and 2 for the vagina (behind each other) and 2 for the anus opening (behind each other).
Tampons are much easier to insert, soaking off the moisture, do not produce fluffs and can be easily removed with the strip.
Also after sex, insert 2 tampons in her vagina/anus.
The tampons are soaking off most of the sperm-lube mixture.
That allows you to move the doll without the fear that something drops out.
Or you are using that method for having a relaxed time after sex and the tampons are doing the most work for you itself.
Remove the tampons after 30 minutes.
Afterward, cleaning is very easy.

To disinfect, you can spray some hydrogen peroxide 3% on 2 tampons.
Insert it in the dried vagina/anus and left it there for 30 minutes.
Remove it. Do this once per week.
Hydrogen peroxide 3% is a sperm killer.
Never use alcohol, it causes micro-cuts inside the TPE structure and in addition, it makes all TPE blends dry, brittle and cracked. Do not use toy cleaners, disinfection sprays, disinfection soap, etc.
Hydrogen peroxide 3% is the most effective disinfection method.

If you follow the simple steps in the maintenance of your doll then you will find a long-lasting product.

Blacklist of harming products (in conjunction with the TPE blends especially used for TPE love dolls):

– Alcohol

Pure alcohol like rubbing alcohol, alcohol thinned with water and products containing a lot of alcohol like baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, sprays and soaps, toy cleaners, etc.
Alcohol is producing micro-cuts (irreparable) and a dry-out effect (porous, cracked and brittle ) inside the TPE structure.

Spray perfume only on clothing and/or wig before you put on your doll.
Do not spray perfume directly on the doll’s TPE surface.

– Solvents

All kinds of single solvents and solvent compounds like mineral spirits, odorless mineral spirits, paint thinner, nitro-thinner, and products containing solvents like alcohol-free baby wipes (includes ether and/or chlorine instead of alcohol), etc.
Solvents are causing a dissolving process inside the TPE structure, are destroying the block-copolymers and therewith they are extremely harmful to TPE.

Only official repair solvents for TPE dolls and their different TPE blends, provided from the vendors, are allowed according to their repair manuals/videos and recommendations from the vendors and manufacturers.

– Vegetable oil

Products containing vegetable oil, like crèmes, soaps, shower gels with coconut oil, fruity oils, etc.
Vegetable oils are sealing the TPE surface and therewith the necessary breathing function of TPE is stopped.

– Silicone oil

Products like wet condoms (includes dimethicone) and silicone-based lube.
Silicone oil influences the TPE structure and makes it harder, cracked and brittle.
Also, a shrinking process of the TPE can happen.