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How to install stainless steel head stand?

Compared to a normal head stand, the stainless steel head stand is more stable, not only because it has a larger and stronger chassis, but also because the head no longer just rests on it, but screws into the support bar, which makes it more stable. This way ensures that the head is intact when you want to store it. Stainless steel head stand have become increasingly popular with customers and more and more people are asking how to install them. This is why I am writing this article.

The installation procedure is actually quite simple, but remember that the spiral rod must be fitted into the base in a rotating manner and that you must torque each link to ensure that the finished product is secure.

Installation steps:

1.  All parts

2. Installing the base as shown.

3. With the remaining small round pieces, place the smooth side up.

4. Twist-in the gear

5. Installation complete. Head twisted into the support bar in a rotating manner.

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