Sex Doll Lifelike Eyes


           The Specifications of Sex Doll Lifelike Eyes

  • Easy to install, just pull out and put in
  • Can fit for 100cm to 170cm body of the love doll
  • 6 Different colors for option: brown, green, light gray, dark gray, light blue, dark blue
  • Material: resin, 3D carve, maximum realistic human eyes
  • Package Included: 1 Pair of eyes
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Product Details

Eyes Color

Eyes color 02

There are 6 different eye colors for option, e.g. brown, green, light blue, dark blue, light gray, dark gray.

Eye Dimension


The inner diameter and the outer diameter of the eyeball, 0.55 inch and 1.30 inch.

Material Comparison

Eyes_material comparison

SEDOLL uses high-quality medical material, different from the others'.

Inside Comparison

Eyes_inside comparison

SEDOLL adopts a complex process of multilayer stamping, different from the simple process of one-time adhesive.


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