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Tuesday News: SEDOLL’s AVN Expo and New Product Launches

For SEDOLL, the past week was a showcase of innovation and progress. Not only did we demonstrate our strength at the AVN Novelty Expo, but we also introduced two eye-catching new products. Let’s dive into these thrilling new developments together.

AVN Novelty Expo 2024: A Recap of the Industry’s Premier Event
At AVN Novelty Expo 2024, SEDOLL focused on displaying our Silicone Pro Series and TPE dolls, highlighting the latest market trends and design innovations. This event was not only an opportunity to showcase new products but also a platform for interaction and collective exploration of the industry’s future with our audience. This participation was a fresh experience for SEDOLL and a valuable one at that. In the future, SEDOLL may appear in even more exhibition events.

Silicone Pro Series: The Arrival of New Member Annika.A
The latest addition to our Silicone Pro Series is Annika.A, featuring a petite 160cm body and the #068 head. Her slender and elegant figure, coupled with a C-cup and well-received LHP, makes her a standout. The #068 head, especially popular in its TPE version as Annika.D, has now garnered significant attention in its silicone version too. Equipped with ROS functionality, Annika.A becomes even more competitive. Her green eyes, exuding gentle and patient vibes with a subtle smile, make her naturally charming.

TPE Doll Series: The New Look of Hazel.B
In our TPE doll series, the newly launched Hazel.B is equally noteworthy. She sports head #127, which has a distinctly different makeup style compared to Hazel.A, who shares the same head number. Hazel.B’s eye makeup is more subdued yet still captivating. Complemented by her brown long hair and paired with our shop’s best-selling 161cm body, Hazel.B is a lightweight and attractive choice.

As the industry event successfully concludes and with the launch of new products, SEDOLL continues to stride forward on the path of innovation. We look forward to bringing more exciting products and experiences to our customers and expanding our influence in the adult doll industry. Stay tuned for future updates from SEDOLL, and join us in witnessing our growth and transformation.