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Two Big Elf Sex Dolls: Comparing Luis&Charlot

Luis&Charlot are matched with the same head shape, and the matching bodies are168cm and 167cm respectively. Compared with other elf dolls, this head will be larger, so she is matched with a more mature body of 160cm+ to ensure physical coordination. In terms of makeup, the doll’s eyes have a deep effect, and the corners of the mouth are raised with a smile. Compared with other elf dolls, this elf sex doll has less exquisite feelings and has a more mature and charming temperament.
(More photos of Charlot)
As an elf sex doll born on Christmas Eve, Charlot owns a beautiful halo-like angel, so she is better at bringing joy to people. The 167cm body has very toned muscle lines, which is a very rare body in daily life. People have different tastes, and customers who like bodybuilding types will be crazy about it. The well-defined figure spreads a strong and sturdy-feeling, and the gentleness of the face well neutralizes the impact of the body. The image of the elves coupled with a unique figure makes Charlot really have a profound impact on people.
(More photos of Charlot)
Luis is a brave warrior in ancient times. In contrast, the 168cm body is closer to the real figure of an ordinary woman, which is a suitable choice for the public. F-cup greatly increased the highlights for her, plus some abdominal lines, just right to show the graceful feeling of the body. Choosing the softest jelly breast will give her a more realistic touch. Of course, this wizard is also suitable for replacing the body, if you have a more favorable choice, for example, 163cm is also a very popular choice.
(More photos of Luis)
Skin color, hairstyle, lower body options, areola size and color, breast softness, and upgrade of finger joints, all can be freely matched. If you want to make elf sex dolls more vivid, give them “temperature” and even sound, heating and sound functions are good choices. Besides Charlot and Luis, there are more other styles of elf sex dolls~