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【New】167cm/5ft5 E-cup. How to spend Christmas? Taste this Christmas elf.

In medieval lore, the Elven family of Charlot had an unbreakable curse that if her mate betrayed her, she would kill him and return to the forest. Half-human and half-elf Charlotte enters the city, the brave young Charlot believed that she could resist the curse.

In city life, she met a handsome man. They snuggled through several cold humid winters and hot summers. But love is always short like fireworks. After the circulation of seasons, Charlot is finally betrayed and told that her boyfriend has fallen in love with someone else. Is the curse about to come true on what should be a warm and happy Christmas day?

To stop the curse from working, she rushes into the dense jungle. The branch cut her dress, she shivered in her ragged and dirty clothes on that winter night. The loss of love is equivalent to the loss of human attributes, she grew pointy ears. She thought she would spend the rest of her life hiding in the jungle. After all, she didn’t want to frighten anyone. If that was the punishment for breaking the curse, she was willing to suffer.

Until a man lost in the forest found her with a kerosene lamp. The love in Charlot’s heart seemed to awaken, but the pointed ears did not disappear. The man was not frightened by her pointy ears, he fell in love with her as she was.

The curse was broken automatically by the power of love, and the one who saved her was the “random” man.

So, will that person be you?

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