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161cm F-cup Miki: Curvy Sexy Real Doll

Miki is an illustrator, and painting is the closest time to happiness. But the newspaper where Miki was employed canceled the comics section, and Miki was naturally laid off. The unemployed Miki stayed in the dark and small apartment, sinking into depression and gloom. But she did not stop painting. In order to pass the sluggish unemployment time, she recorded the memories in her mind in the form of shots and scripts. Occasionally, she even changed her memories to make the story lead to a satisfactory result. Before long, a film and television production company attracted her attention. This company helps individuals relive their old dreams, and people who are lonely and frustrated can always be comforted by this. The scenes, costumes and props are 100% restored, and the plot development, character appearances, and lines are all truly restored according to the needs of customers. Miki decided to go back to the year of first love and relive the time when everything was still beautiful and pure. Beach, sunshine, coconut, underwear, wine, conversation, laughter, hug, sex, morning, sea breeze. Miki’s naked body was bathed in the sun, and those familiar words, actions, storylines, etc. reproduced as she wished. Miki felt unprecedentedly satisfied and happy. She almost felt that everything was real. If you can always dream, who would want to live in reality? Please visit  to see more photos of Miki.