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How to care for a TPE sex doll? Start with 4 aspects!

Like humans, sex dolls have a certain life span, and good nursing habits can extend the life span of the dolls. Cleaning and care are almost inevitable issues in maintaining dolls. SKINCARE:
  1. Dustproof: sticky TPE will absorb dust and dust particles. If the skin becomes sticky after use, lightly apply the renewal powder to the doll.
  2. Dyeing: Make sure that any fabric (such as clothes and bedsheets) that the doll touches will not be dyed. The cloth may stain your doll, which will be difficult or impossible to remove. Always wash the clothes before dressing the doll to reduce fading. Try to choose light-colored clothes.
  3. Decontamination: If there are stains, do not use any other detergent or cleaning agent to remove the stains, only use the decontamination agent sold by a trusted doll seller. Dirt and makeup stains can be removed with mineral oil, makeup remover.
If you don’t have stain remover cream, mineral oil massage can remove light stains, and petroleum jelly can help remove deeper stains. Use a cotton swab to apply to the stained area, wait a few seconds or minutes, and then wipe with a clean cotton swab.
  1. Avoid light: Avoid exposing the doll to the sun for a long time. The sun will age the TPE and shorten the life of the doll.
  2. Wrinkles: Don’t let your doll sit for a long time or bend its limbs, because the skin folds will produce wrinkles. If your doll has creases or dents, you can wipe it off with a warm cloth or towel.
  3. Oiling: Why should you oil and powder your doll? As time goes by, TPE material naturally leaks oil. Adding oil to your doll will help replenish the natural oil. Over time, TPE materials will also become sticky, especially after washing, so the powder can help smooth the skin and prevent your doll from becoming a dust magnet.
So it is recommended to apply oil and powder to your doll to extend the life of the doll. According to the number of times you use the doll, apply powder at least once a month and oil every few months. The general procedure is to wash and dry your doll first. After the doll is completely dry, massage the doll with oil. After the oil is completely absorbed, powder the doll with corn starch or baby powder.
CLEAN: 1.Washing: Please wash the doll’s vagina with mild soap and water after each use. Avoid: bleach, rubbing alcohol, boiling water and dishwasher. Alcohol, bleach, or detergent will break down this material. If your doll has a removable vagina, take it out for washing after each use. For the built-in vagina, you can use a cleaning douche (vaginal douche), spray bottle, or shower nozzle to wash the interior with soapy water, and then drain the water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and completely dry afterward. When washing the doll, the head of the doll should be removed first and washed separately. Please use mild antibacterial soap and the appropriate amount of water, damp a towel to wipe. To avoid rusting of the metal frame, do not soak the body and head of the doll in water.
2. Drying: After washing, be sure to dry the doll by patting its skin with a soft towel, which will help prevent the growth of bacteria and harmful molds. Never use a hairdryer, because high temperature will damage the TPE. -When the doll is completely dry, use a brush to lightly apply a layer of powder to keep her skin soft. After washing your doll, you must make sure it is completely dry to prevent the formation of mold. Pat the doll dry with a microfiber cloth or soft towel. Let it air dry or place a fan (do not use a hairdryer). Leave areas such as mouth, vagina and anus open/exposed until completely dry. (You can keep your mouth open with a pen) Many people recommend using aquarium air pumps or electric air pumps to dry the doll, which is a good idea. Due to the TPE material, more time and effort are required to completely dry it. Some people also use tampons or rolled paper towels to dry their mouths. In order to avoid washing and drying the doll, many people use reusable female condoms, which will not cause mold to grow.
  1. Posture: During sex, avoid letting the doll’s wrist or elbow bear its own weight. Otherwise, the joints will be subjected to too much pressure, and the metal skeleton will pierce the skin and cause damage. In the back-entry position, a pillow or other soft material can be placed under the wrist to support the weight of the doll.
  2. Stretching: Avoid excessive stretching or kneading of your doll, and be sure to use it within the range of joint movement indicated.
  3. Lubricant: Please use water to moisturize the channel, it is possible to avoid silicone oil or petroleum-based oil lubricant, this is to prevent them from damaging the lower body pipeline of the doll.
Some people suggest using petroleum jelly and mineral oil as lubricants. Vaseline can be a good lubricant because pure Vaseline will not breed mold and bacteria, but water-based lubricants are still the safest lubricant for TPE dolls.
  1. Lying flat: There is only one important point when placing a doll flat, that is, it cannot lie on a “hard surface”. Whether you let the doll lie on the bed, storage box, or even on the floor, remember to add a soft cushion (such as a quilt, cushion, etc.) under the doll’s body to prevent the doll’s back curve (especially the buttocks) from being squeezed by its own weight for a long time. Cause deformation. Especially the TPE doll, once the body is deformed, it will never rebound again.
If you want to lay the doll on your back, I suggest buying a “slow rebound sponge”, which is also a “memory sponge”. Or add a pillow to the doll’s waist and the back of the thighs to “raise” the doll’s buttocks, so that the buttocks will not be deformed.
  1. Hanging: Hanging is a very good way to store dolls. Because when the doll is hung, no side of the body will be squeezed by the doll’s own weight. If you have a wardrobe, clothes rack or other kinds of shelf with strong bearing capacity in your home, you can consider hanging the doll.