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161cm F-cup Summer: Such An Absolute Hot Real Sex doll!!

As a self-media blogger, Summer is lively and outgoing, willing to take risks, and likes to try new things. She participated in the fun challenge of “try 100 occupations” on the Internet and experiencing different jobs made her life more colorful. One of the professions she tried was a maid in a sex restaurant. Summer enjoys the joy and accomplishment that this job brings her. She got great comfort in the process of serving others and made good use of her hot body and lovely looks to win the favor of the guests. Who can resist the temptation of this sexy girl? This job aroused Summer’s interest in the porn industry, and she began to become an individual sex worker. Summer’s apartment often has strange men coming in and out. This job is freer than a maid, and there is no restriction on working hours and performance assessment. To some extent, Summer can receive what kind of guests when and according to her own preferences. She has the absolute initiative. More importantly, she enjoys what she is doing. Every day is a brand new day. She lives in the present and enjoys the present more than anyone else. There are still many left to complete in the 100 career challenges. What is the next career? How about being your personal maid? Please visit to see more photos of Summer.