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COMING-SE’s NEW doll: Little Fat or perfect?

Beth was sent to an orphanage when she was seven. When she was
little, she was fat and dirty. No one would adopt her. One day, a new
person came to the orphanage, and they soon became friends. But
the friend was smart and pretty, excelled in class, and was quickly
adopted. After hearing the news, Beth felt angry and betrayed, and
returned to her lonely life.

Beth grew up and became a lawyer through her own efforts. Not only
that, she looked totally different when she grew up. Now she is
confident and generous, and people will only be fascinated by her perfect
waistline and full breasts and hips. Her thigh lines are full of the strong
beauty that ancient Greek sculpture admired. No one could recognize
her as the former girl. One can feel strong and independent in her eyes,
and one can feel the noble artistic beauty and obscene desire fire in her
body at the same time.

Beth is indeed a rare combination of beauty and intelligence. However,
even though now Beth is strong enough not to feel hurt and betrayed
easily, deep down, she is still the lonely, lack-of-love lady. She is able
to have sex with many men by virtue of her wonderful charm, but this
could not satisfy her desire for love. What she really needs is sex and
love, and I guess so do you.

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