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The new doll is unveiled!! Summer’s sweetheart 163cm+32E

Nina escaped the city and went to the island alone to start her new life. People live in the cycle of the seasons, and her island seems to always freeze time in the summer. Left to the vicissitudes of the outside world, the island repeats itself day after day. The climate determined her habits. Nina tends to opt for lighter fabrics, which are more comfortable and sexy. She broke away from the fast-paced city life, and the island life made her free and easy. It was only unconsciously that she fell into another constraint, and lost her freshness again in her simple life. The only thing that rekindled her interest in life was mad sex. She often enjoyed a pleasant time on the beach, the golden grains of sand clinging to her glowing white skin. The water slipped over her delicate skin and curvy figure, and the act of wiping herself with a towel was often sexually alluring. Nina doesn’t usually refuse men she flirts with, which is exactly what she expects from island life. Casual sex gives her intense pleasure, and disorderly life is a stress response to her escape from the materialistic city life. She was addicted to it, sexual desire was more attractive than material desire. Please visit to see more photos of Nina.