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It’s Finally Here: The Awaited Arrival-Sedoll Silicone-pro series

In the ever-evolving landscape of lifelike companionship, Sedoll is proud to present the SE Silicone-Pro Series – a response to the emerging trends in the market. This series is not just an update; it represents our proactive stance in embracing the future of the adult doll industry, striving to deliver an even more realistic and advanced experience for our users.

The “Pro” in SE Silicone-Pro signifies an upgrade, indicating a departure from our previous silicone series. Through a detailed comparison with our older models, we aim to showcase the advancements and entirely new experiences the SE Silicone-Pro Series brings to our users. It will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

Throughout the development process, we engaged in a series of innovative experiments. From skin tone calibration, skin softness, and hardness adjustments, to various attempts at realistic oral structures and tweaking the depth and shape of skin textures – every step was taken to achieve near-perfection. We remained committed to self-evaluation and continuous improvement, striving to present a product that approaches perfection upon release.

  1. Innovative Skin Texture, Oral Structures, and Softness
    1. Breakthrough skin texture design
    2. Intricately designed oral structures
    3. Astonishing adjustments in softness and hardness
  2. Pursuit of Hyperrealism
    1. Striving for an unparalleled level of realism in appearance and touch
    2. Providing an immersive and enchanting experience
FeaturePrevious Silicone SeriesSilicone-Pro Series
Head CompositionHardSofter
Oral Structure (Movable Jaw)NoneAvailable, Movable Jaw
Skin Structure RealismLess DetailedUltra-Realistic
Overall SoftnessFirmerInnovative Softness

Sneak Peek into Our Upcoming Blog Series!

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    2. Dive into customization possibilities for your perfect companion.
  2. Meet Your Match: Doll Spotlights
    1. Individual features on each SE Silicone-Pro doll.
    2. Discover their personalities, and unique traits, and choose the one that resonates with you.
  3. Unbox & Review: The First Touch
    1. Experience the excitement of unboxing an SE Silicone-Pro doll.
    2. In-depth reviews on craftsmanship, details, and initial impressions.
  4. Caring for Your Companion: Maintenance Tips
    1. Practical guidance on maintaining your SE Silicone-Pro doll.
    2. Tips for cleaning, storage, and preserving lifelike qualities.

In conclusion, we extend our gratitude to every team member who contributed to the development of the SE Silicone-Pro Series. Thanks to our users and supporters – your trust and encouragement propel us forward. We look forward to collectively witnessing the SE Silicone-Pro Series shape the future!