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Accidents that may occur during the transportation of sex dolls

After confirming the factory photos, you can see your perfect girlfriend in a few weeks. But, in order not to disappoint you, I have to tell you that your doll will have various risks in the transportation process. Therefore, it is indeed a grateful thing that the doll can appear in front of you intact.
  1. Gel-filled breasts burst
Air transport might easily cause gel-breasts of the dolls to burst. The doll’s gel-breasts are filled into the breasts with super soft TPE, so there is still excess air in the chest. After entering the high altitude, the outside air pressure became lower, and the pressure in the doll’s chest was high, so the jelly breasts are prone to burst.
  1. Damaged skin (imperfect packaging, violent transportation)
After receiving the doll, some guests found that the box had been deformed or even damaged. In fact, it is not difficult to explain that from the very beginning, the doll is made in the factory and transported to the forwarding company. Unloading, loading, and delivery have to go through many personal hands. The box is likely to become more and more fragile in the whole process. Especially when encountering a rude courier, the box is more likely to fall into a dangerous situation.
If the box is damaged, the dolls in the box may be in danger. Damaged or punctured skin can happen. Therefore, the second level of protection for merchants is very important. If the protection in the box is in place (such as padded sponge pads on all four walls in the box), it may reduce the chance of injury to the doll.
  1. Weather reasons (the box is soaked and easily broken on rainy days)
If it is rainy, the boxes will inevitably get wet during transportation. Or the storage area is a bit wet, which indirectly causes the box to become damp.
  1. Poked fingers
Transport personnel cannot handle every item with care. In addition, TPE dolls are made of very soft material, and it is occasional that the wire of the finger pierces the tpe. Especially if the worker forgets to handle the tip of the finger wire to make it round, the puncture of the finger is more likely to happen.
  1. Falling fingernails
The nails are not sticky enough and easy to fall off.
  1. The doll is missing
I have seen some people’s dolls lost during transportation on the forums, and this situation is generally rare. Once it appears, please contact the merchant and transportation company in time.
  1. High temperature
The cracking of the TPE caused by high temperature is generally related to the material of the doll. The materials and formulas of each doll factory cannot be exactly the same, and some dolls will experience TPE cracking when facing excessively high temperatures.