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Articulated Finger Skeleton VS Common Fingers

The common finger bones
Composed of five hoses of different lengths clamped tightly to the wrist and then wrapped around the five hoses with a thin wire. 1- Easily deformed and easily damaged The hose gives it the advantage of being flexible, but at the same time it is prone to deformation and cannot support more detailed fine-tuning, making it difficult to adjust the fingers to more realistic effect. The disadvantage is that tpe fingers are easily damaged. When the fingers are not properly protected, for example when the hand is hit during handling or turning, the hose can easily poke through the tpe. 2- Irreparable fractures When the fingers are deformed by frequent impacts or crushing, or when the fingers are moved so frequently that there is even a risk of disarticulation (the fingers will dangle from the wrist), that has a negative aesthetic impact and is irreparable. The reason for this irreparability is that the finger hose is held in place by the force of the clamp at the wrist, and if the hose comes off, the hand needs to be opened to re-clamp the hose into the wrist. This is a complicated process and even if it is completed, the aesthetics of the hand will be greatly compromised.
The articulated finger bones(available For SEDOLL 150cm+ Made of stainless steel and are riveted to the three joints of each finger, from the root of the finger to the palm. The purpose of the surface coating is to increase the adhesion of the tpe material to the finger bones, while using the color close to the skin tone prevents the bones from passing color. The upgraded articulated finger bones are actually being upgraded and optimized all the time. The original version, in which the palm was a large stainless steel piece, has now been simplified to a thin strip, reducing its weight somewhat but achieving the same effect. 1- More textured The articulated finger bones mimic real fingers with joints for a more textured and realistic representation of the hand. For those who take pleasure in photographing dolls, the upgraded finger joints allow for fine-tuning of details, especially when posing, and the flexibility of the bending angle of the fingers adds to the realism of the doll. 2- Load-bearing In addition, the upgraded finger bones can support lighter objects such as plastic water bottles, thanks to their stainless steel material that can bear a little weight. The normal finger bone can only be used to hold very light items such as pens. 3- Repairable The articulated finger bones have a “cap” on each finger to prevent the fingertips from piercing the tpe, that is a great way, but they can also pierce the fingertips in the same way as common fingers made of hoses in case of improper protection or violent impact. However, Its advantage at this time is that if the articulated finger breaks at the joint, it can largely be recovered by tightening the screw. SEDOLL supports articulated finger skeleton for sex dolls over 150cm