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Double Reveal: Skyler.B Debuts with New Head #123 and 153 Body

Close your eyes and feel intently—can you sense Halloween knocking at the door of your heart? The spooky night is right around the corner, and it coincidentally falls on a Tuesday this year—the very day our shop introduces its weekly new arrivals. Last week, we unveiled the cyberpunk-inspired doll, Harper.A, with her brand-new head—#122. Do you dare to venture a guess about this week’s newcomer?

Our latest doll, Skyler.B, not only debuts with a fresh head—#123, makeup style B—but also showcases a new body—153cm/5ft, F-cup. Let’s delve into the distinct features of Skyler.B’s head #123-B makeup. When you first lock eyes with her, you’ll be captivated by her bright, large eyes, framed by distinct double eyelids and enhanced by striking eye makeup that accentuates her contours. A straight, well-defined nose and lips designed to realistic proportions complete her face. Her low-set ears and broad jawline, when viewed in profile, lend her an air of intellect and elegance.

You may be somewhat familiar with this new 153cm stature as it was previously part of Yuuka. E, which launched last Christmas but was subsequently withdrawn due to a mold issue. Now, with the issue resolved, the shop is thrilled to reintroduce Yuuka. E along with Skyler.B this week, offering you a chance to once again witness Yuuka. E’s grace. This revamped body stands at 153cm with an F-cup, a waist of 50.5cm, hips of 82.5cm, and a weight of 29.5kg… Join us in welcoming the arrival of Skyler.B.

As you prepare your sweets for trick-or-treaters, have you heard about the store‘s mega discounts for Halloween? Are you tempted? This promotion extends until the end of November, giving you plenty of time to choose your perfect companion. Should you encounter any questions along the way, we are more than happy to assist.

Happy Halloween!