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Realism in Harper.A: New Head #122

Tuesday‘s latest doll update is here! Wasn’t her ultra-realistic portrait a sight to behold?

Introducing the cyberpunk-styled Harper.A doll, wielding a long sword, donned in a transparent white coat. Her gradient pinkish long curly hair contrasts starkly with her black top, making this doll an unforgettable sight. It’s as if one is looking at the auroras glowing atop a majestic black mountain, bathed in pure white snow — mysterious, yet supremely confident. This doll’s silhouette is so captivating that it sends a shiver down the spine, lingering in the eyes of every doll collector.

Perhaps when you unbox her, you share the same sentiment. Have you also pondered about this doll’s face? Harper.A‘s facial design is a fresh addition, as this is our newly crafted doll head — #122. From Harper.A’s official doll photos, it’s evident that her face is elongated with prominent features. The eyes, especially after makeup, appear more elongated and deep. The tall nose bridge connects to a slightly upturned nose tip, making this doll design exude elegance with a hint of aloofness. Her moderate-sized lips complement her face, and from the side, her sharp jawline is distinctly visible. The entire side profile of this doll is sleek and natural, always radiating pride. In the world of dolls, she undoubtedly stands out, resembling an aloof commander with absolute power, emitting an aura of unapproachability.

Harper.A is the pioneering makeup design for doll head #122. The emphasis of the makeup is on the eyes, capturing the essence that dolls are often said to be the windows to the creator’s soul. Harper.A’s eyes, in particular, highlight the mysterious temperament of this doll design, showing determination with a hint of gentleness. The black pupils are bright and captivating. The eye makeup’s primary colors are black, brown, and pink, with the pink echoing the doll’s lip color. The blush is a transitional color between pink and brown, neither overpowering nor too subtle, perfectly complementing the doll makeup. At first glance, her eyes seize your attention, followed by her lips, nose, and then the entirety of this majestic doll. While the makeup might be on the heavier side, her softer lip color balances the intensity, making this doll design look both elegant and distinctive.

When pairing the doll head, makeup, with the right body, wigs, and doll accessories, Harper.A comes to life in one’s imagination — that beautiful yet cold commander standing at the city’s pinnacle, overlooking the twinkling city lights at night…

The mysterious commander is the persona I’ve given to this Harper.A doll. In this expansive doll universe, what role would you bestow upon her if it were up to you?