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Sex Doll Breast Options, How to choose the right one?

How to choose the right breast option for your sex doll?

SEDOLL focuses on creating highly customized sex dolls in order to enable customers to reap the benefits of an ideal sex doll. The breast option of sex dolls serves as one of the most important options in the customization service, so in this post we will shed light on how to choose the most suitable type of breast for your sex doll.

1. Solid Breast

The solid breast was initially used as the default breast option and is the most standard breast type. When making a solid-breasted sex doll, the liquid TPE material is poured directly into the mould and when the TPE has cooled and solidified, the entire interior of the breasts will also be solid TPE material. Solid breasts have a realistic look and soft touch, but because they are solid, they are firmer and less elastic than the other two breast types.
What kind of dolls is suitable for solid breast?
Solid breasts cost nothing as a basic configuration and are recommended if the doll you choose does not have very large breasts. This is because solid breasts are heavier than the other two breast types. If your doll has too large breasts but still chooses solid breasts, it will cause sagging of the breasts and it can be a struggle to hold the doll. Generally speaking, sex dolls with small breasts such as A-cup and B-cup are basically limited to solid breasts.
As can be seen from the video:
1. The solid chest lacks elasticity and is difficult to shake when tapped. 2. When poking the breasts with your fingers, you can see that the solid breasts are of a relatively soft level. 3. The doll in the video is 163cm E-cup, the size that still has reality in appearance for solid breasts.
2. Gel-filled Breast As the name implies, gel-filled breasts are breasts filled with a jelly or gel substance. The gel-filled breast sex doll is the optimal choice for most customers. It is made of a gel material that is softer than solid breasts but firmer and more vivid than hollow breasts. The amazing bounce of these breasts gives you a lifelike touching experience. These gel-based implants are not only much softer, but are also excellent at mimicking real female breasts. The extra soft gel implants are designed to be very realistic to the touch and this realistic experience can be felt during kneading, patting and squeezing. The realism of appearance and the softest touch make the Gel-filled Breast the most outstanding of the three options. There is an additional charge for the Gel-filled Breast as an upgrade option for the breasts, but rest assured that it is definitely worth the money. It will be second only to the super soft feel of silicone breasts.

What kind of dolls is suitable for Gel-filled Breast?

Generally speaking, large breasted dolls of C-cup and above are suitable for jelly breasts, while A/B cup dolls are not suitable for gel-filled breasts. This is because the gel-filled breast is made by fixing two steel balls on the mould in the position of the breast (in order to leave space for the jelly) and then filling them. Once the TPE has cooled and solidified and the body has been shaped, the steel balls are removed from the small holes in the side of the breast and a piece of super soft gel material (jelly) is injected. Therefore the jelly material cannot be filled in too small breast shapes.
Gel-filled breasts are recommended for sex dolls with a cup size of C-cup to F-cup. At this size, the advantages of jelly breasts are well exploited, the cups are not too large to cause sagging of the breasts, and the jelly-filled breasts at this size remain as firm and true in appearance as solid breasts.
As can be seen from the video:
The gel-filled breasts are very elastic and can easily wobble when tapped. Highly resilient when poked by the fingers. Also, very soft and knead effortlessly. The moderately sized breasts do not differ much in appearance and all restore reality to a large extent. The doll in the video is the 163cm E-cup, and the gel-filled breasts in this size still have a realistic appearance.

3. Hollow Breast

As the name implies, hollow breast is an air-filled chest cavity. The production of the hollow breast is very similar to the gel-filled breast, but the difference is that the steel ball is removed and no more filling is done. As the name implies, the breasts will be hollow. But there is no need to worry that hollow breasts will give the doll a much less tactile feel. Hollow breasts will feel just as soft as real ones when kneaded, not as soft as jelly breasts of course, but softer than solid breasts. And the hollow boobs have a more prominent advantage in terms of weight, as the hollow boobs eliminate the TPE padding of the solid boobs or the gel material of the jelly boobs, retaining the original soft feel of the TPE. But if you are obsessed with fuller breasts, hollow breasts may not be the best choice. Hollow breasts are much lighter than both jelly breasts and solid breasts. Sex dolls with oversized cups, for example above F-cup cups, are suitable for hollow breasts, which can effectively reduce the weight of the doll.
As can be seen from the video:
The hollow chest is more flexible and is more prone to wobbling when tapped. When poked with the fingers, they are more resilient and also very soft and knead effortlessly. The body in the video is 161cm F-cup.

In conclusion

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