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How to get your sex robot move?

Some customers may encounter problems with their robots not working. They will ask: I did place the doll according to the action you suggested, but the doll still cannot move. First of all, we do not rule out that very few dolls have quality problems, but when most dolls can run normally, how to make the robot doll move?

Before understanding how to use it correctly, let’s figure out a very simple principle. The launching device of the robot doll is located in the abdomen, and the force of the abdomen drives the whole body to swing. Usually, when we inspect the goods for the customer before delivery, she sits on the ground vertically, and the robot can move normally according to the different intensities of the three gears. Of course, there is no way for sexual activities in this position, but why can a sitting doll exercise?

The sitting doll has enough space to swing back and forth. As shown in this video, when her upper body moves backward, her feet will lift, and vice versa, when the upper body moves forward, her lower body naturally touches the ground. So, it’s all about whether the doll has enough space. As long as we ensure that the robot doll has space to swing during sex unless the doll has quality problems, it can run under normal circumstances.

If you want to try the lying down missionary position or doggy style, remember to keep the doll’s feet dangling. If you spread the legs of the doll and lie down firmly on the ground, there is no room for the doll to swing. At this time, you can try to put a soft pillow on the back of the doll, which is equivalent to enough space for the doll to swing back and forth. All in all, pillows are a good solution. This video shows the movement of the robot doll in two positions, lying and kneeling. You can clearly see how the doll supported by a pillow moves. In addition, the video also shows how the robot performs oral sex.

Attachment: If your robot still has problems after the above attempts, please give us feedback in time and we will do our best to solve it for you.