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How To Insert the Removable Vagina?

Step 1: Wash your hand

Because real sex dolls come into direct contact with your body, you need to be hygienic. and to avoid fouling the inside of your sex doll, wash your hands first, and it will be better if you manipulate the insert vagina with a pair of disposable gloves.

Step 2: Prepare your sex doll

If you want to insert the vagina easily and smoothly, you have to put the real doll in a reasonable position. As you can see, when you keep your doll’s legs wide apart, she will be torn and her orifice will enlarge that will help her receive the insert vagina easily. How to help your doll adopt this position?

Lie your love doll down on her back, carefully lift up her left leg towards the ceiling at a 90° angle, and then slightly push the left leg to the left side; Then put her right leg to the right side in the same way. Now, your sex doll’s vaginal hole will be open enough to receive the Insert.

Step 3: Apply talcum powder on vagina orifice and detachable vagina

Sprinkle a thin layer of talcum powder to the external surface of the detachable vagina and the inside of her vagina orifice. The talcum powder will help the Insert to slide inside the orifice without difficulty, and it also can clean your real sex dolls.

Step 4: Insert the removable vagina into your love doll.

It’s time to finish the insertion. Open your doll’s vaginal cavity softly, and insert the detachable vagina completely. Handle your doll in the initial position to check whether the Insert vagina is correctly installed.

Compared to the fixed vagina, the insert vagina have some pros and cons.

Firstly, making your doll more durable. The insert vagina is easily replaceable and you can buy a new one once a removable vagina gets damaged or old. But if you have a love doll with a damaged fixed vagina, you will need to spend lots of money to purchase a new real doll.

Secondly, easier to clean and dry. Because the Insert is detachable, the cleaning technique is carried out independently of the real doll by washing it gently in water and turn inside out to dry.

Thirdly, a used real sex doll with an insert vagina is easier to sell out since the buyer can buy a new vagina for the doll. If your love doll has an insert vagina, and then she can easily turn into a ladyboy with a new shemale insert!