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SEDOLL’s Latest Innovation with New Head #124

In the ever-changing stage of the four seasons, each brings its unique charm. The warm spring heralds rebirth, the hot summer is filled with vitality, the cool autumn breeze induces contemplation, and the falling snow of winter brings tranquility. On such a beautiful winter day, another ‘Tuesday Time’ arrives, and today we introduce the newest member of SEDOLLPiper.A.

Piper.A is not just a doll; she represents the perfect fusion of technology and fashion, embodying our pursuit of beauty and innovation. She boasts a perfect figure at 157cm and a newly designed head, #124, showcasing our commitment to innovation and our step with the evolving aesthetics.

The design of the new head #124 integrates Asian facial features, with soft jawlines and elegantly upturned eye corners, giving her face both gentleness and strength. Her nose is high and slightly rounded at the tip, and her lips slightly parted, adorned with nude orange lipstick, presenting a natural and pure beauty. This design not only imparts her with a smart, lively, and casual demeanor but also showcases our exquisite craftsmanship in detail.

When this new head #124 is combined with the 157cm body, it presents a unique harmony and beauty. The body design emphasizes slightly robust lines with feminine softness, making Piper.A both sexy and powerful. Like a cheerleader, she can freely exude sweat in front of you, making your heart race, body heat, and spirits soar; at this moment, she is not just a doll, but a pulsing life.

Every Tuesday, we bring new surprises. This is not just about introducing new products; it’s about an innovative experience in sync with the times. Our silicone dolls are about to launch, marking a significant upgrade from the existing TPE dolls, heralding more exciting new experiences. We hope to bring you more choices and inspiration through continuous innovation and improvement.

At SEDOLL, we eagerly await your feedback. Every suggestion and comment is a compass on our path of innovation. We are committed to creating more diverse and sensual products, making each choice a highlight of your life. We believe that through relentless effort and innovation, we can bring you more surprises and satisfaction.