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Look here!! SE’s new fifth elf!!168cm

Luis is the matriarchal descendant of the Amazonian people, who have long been regarded as a barbaric race. Under the rule of the queen, they worship Ares, the god of war, and believe that they are descended from him. Not only did they defend their country, but they also invaded neighboring countries. Their aggressive nature is etched in their bones. To carry on the family line, they meet regularly with their neighbors and mate during the gathering. The Amazons also imprisoned a certain number of men for the purpose of “sowing seeds”. But no one can be sure whether these imprisoned men are happy or miserable. Because, the female of the Amazon clan basically all breast fat buttock, sex appeal is hot. Luis is one of them. By removing the red shirt, Luis’s smooth, soft skin was visible. The lustrous, watery lips, the wobbly breasts, and the splayed legs tempted her slaves. Lying under a man at night, Luis immediately forgets that she is a strong fighter during the day and just wants the comfort of sex. So, do you want to be owned by Luis? Please visit to see more photos of Luis.