SEDoll’s new girl: Lolita?


After Yuuna was abandoned by her parents, she was sent to an
orphanage. Soon, Yuuna was adopted by a good family and she
was loved like a treasure. It was only gradually that her adoptive
father began to develop strange feelings for her.

In Yuuka’s development stage, the foster father gradually unable
to restrain his erotic feeling. Now the mature Yuuka is just an
adult, and she has sex appeal that she shouldn’t have at this age.
She stretched out on the balcony of  home in her nightgown, her
slender waist and bulging hips visible in the early morning sunlight
through her flimsy white nightgown. In front of her adoptive father,
she was almost just a hot girl without a blood relationship, and he
endured the temptation of Yuuna all the time.

Gradually, Yuuna also felt the strange look in her adoptive father’s
eyes. But it was not only his adoptive father but also his classmates
and strangers on the street. She is the light of all souls, the fire of
desire. It is not clear whether she is a good and pure angel or a devil
inciting men’s lust. What is certain is that her purity makes every
man who meets her hungry and horny.

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