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New Beginnings: SEDOLL Welcomes the Start of Work

Time flies like an arrow, and the days pass like a flowing river. The Spring Festival holiday always seems so fleeting. As the joy of the festival gradually fades, we truly step into a new year and a new beginning. We are excited to announce that SEDOLL‘s office and factory have fully resumed operations on February 20th, ready to witness new miracles with you in this new year.

The Spring Festival, brimming with joy and tradition, is one of the most important celebrations in Chinese culture. Spanning two weeks, from New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival, every household is filled with joy and laughter. Rich in customs, the festival includes house cleaning, family reunions, the giving of red envelopes, dazzling fireworks, and lively dragon and lion dances. These traditions are celebrated not only across China but also in Chinese communities around the world.

During the festival, Fabrice, SEDOLL’s renowned overseas photographer, captured the essence of this celebration. His works not only incorporated traditional Spring Festival elements like couplets and red lanterns but also featured a special poster celebrating the New Year, adding a festive atmosphere to this hopeful occasion. This year, the Spring Festival coincided with Valentine’s Day, and Fabrice skillfully captured this romantic holiday as well. He shot a special series of photos, perfectly blending the Eastern celebration of the Spring Festival with the Western romance of Valentine’s Day. Together with Fabrice, we welcomed both these culturally diverse festivals, celebrating love and the New Year.

The holiday was not only a time for celebration and relaxation but also an important period for recharging and preparing for upcoming challenges. After this restful time, the SEDOLL team returned to work with renewed energy and creativity. Our office staff regrouped on February 18th to plan the year ahead, while our factory staff resumed full production on February 20th, ensuring every detail meets the highest standards.

It’s this team spirit and pursuit of excellence that allows us to promise the finest quality products and services. We are actively processing accumulated orders, and we appreciate our customers’ patience and ongoing support. We know well that without your trust and support, there would be no SEDOLL today. Looking forward, we are filled with confidence and anticipation, eager to witness more innovations and breakthroughs with you. In this new year, let us embark on a new journey together, creating endless possibilities.