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Tuesday News: Full Resumption of Work and New TPE Doll Release

Welcome back! After a brief hiatus for the Chinese New Year, the Tuesday News is finally returning with its first installment of fresh updates. Though this week’s edition may not be packed with content, there are still a few highlights worth your attention. So, let’s dive into the latest developments from SEDOLL.

Full Operational Resumption

We use the term “full” because our offices resumed operations on February 18th, and our factory restarted on February 20th. Therefore, as of February 20th, we’ve officially fully resumed operations. The primary focus since resuming has been on order processing. The factory is busy ensuring product quality while rapidly addressing the backlog of orders accumulated over the holiday. This means we’re currently in a busy period. Orders are being processed in the order they were received, and it’s important to note that the production cycle for silicone dolls is longer than for TPE dolls. As the saying goes, good things take time, so we ask for your patience.

New TPE Doll-Alba.A

This week, we’re thrilled to introduce a super cool light-tan-skinned Guitarist Singer—Alba.A, featuring head #129 and paired with a 161cm body. This body type, a best-seller in the SEDOLL shop, is slender yet boasts full breasts and buttocks. Head #129 is a new addition, making its debut in our shop; it bears some resemblance to the previously introduced Harper.A but presents a distinct charm with its makeup. Alba.A has irresistibly sexy thick lips, and her unique eye makeup adds an unmatched allure, combining beauty with edginess. Her slightly heavy metal style, complete with a guitar and microphone, instantly places Alba.A in her band, shining brightly like a star on stage.

That’s all for this week’s news. While brief, Alba.A‘s debut is sure to capture everyone’s attention. Her perfection in makeup, outfit coordination, scene setting, and photography techniques is bound to earn applause from the audience. The future for TPE dolls remains exciting, so stay tuned for the next edition of Tuesday News. Wishing you all a wonderful day.