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New Option STPE: A Revolutionary Step Forward in Sex Doll Material

As one of the pioneer sex doll brands, SEDOLL is excited to introduce a significant upgrade in sex doll materials with our new STPE (Superior Thermoplastic Elastomer) option. This next-generation material is a response to customer feedback and an ongoing commitment to innovation.

Our decision to develop STPE stemmed from our commitment to improve upon TPE’s well-regarded features. While TPE set high standards for flexibility and hypoallergenic properties, STPE was engineered to push these boundaries even further, offering superior durability and a more realistic feel, which significantly enhances user interaction and satisfaction.

STPE is an upgraded version of the TPE material commonly used in the industry, offering enhanced features like improved durability and a more realistic feel. For SEDOLL, STPE has been introduced as a new material option, now available across all their TPE doll bodies, providing customers with a superior choice for their purchases.

To get a true sense of the aesthetic and quality of STPE used by SEDOLL, you are encouraged to view pictures and videos that showcase the material. These visuals highlight the material’s superior softness, seamless construction, and lifelike appearance, offering a glimpse into how STPE enhances the realism of SEDOLL dolls.

STPE advances beyond TPE by offering:

  • Softness: STPE is softer than TPE, adding to its realistic feel.
  • Realism: STPE dolls feature more detailed skin textures and improved body makeup, enhancing their lifelike appearance.
  • Reduced Oiliness: STPE has a less oily surface, which minimizes maintenance and improves cleanliness.
  • Improved Elasticity: Enhanced flexibility in STPE allows for more natural movements and poses.
  • Seamless Appearance: The ability to mold STPE with fewer visible joins enhances the aesthetic appeal, making dolls look more seamless and lifelike.
  1. Is the body makeup of the STPE doll default?

Yes, the body makeup of STPE dolls from SEDOLL is the default. This feature enhances the realism and aesthetic appeal of the dolls, providing a more lifelike appearance right out of the box.

  • What is STPE?

STPE is an advanced material that offers enhanced softness, realism, and durability compared to traditional TPE.

  • How does STPE improve upon TPE?

STPE offers greater softness, reduced oiliness, improved elasticity, and a seamless appearance, making it more realistic and easier to maintain.

  • Are STPE dolls more durable than TPE dolls?

Yes, STPE is designed to be more durable and resistant to tears and wear, providing a longer lifespan for dolls made from this material.

  • Can STPE be used in all types of sex dolls?

STPE is available as an option for all SEDOLL bodies, enhancing the range of choices for consumers.

  • What maintenance is required for STPE dolls?

The maintenance for STPE dolls is similar to regular TPE dolls. However, STPE dolls have a lower oil secretion rate, requiring less frequent cleaning. Regular maintenance includes gentle cleaning with mild soap and water, applying renewal powder to maintain the skin texture, and performing a mineral oil treatment every 3-6 months. The frequency of mineral oil treatments can be adjusted based on local climate conditions.

  • Are there any special storage requirements for STPE dolls?

Like most high-quality sex dolls, STPE dolls should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their condition.

  • Can I customize my STPE doll as I could with a TPE doll?

Yes, SEDOLL offers extensive customization options for STPE dolls, similar to their TPE counterparts.

In conclusion, introducing SEDOLL‘s new STPE material marks a significant advancement in the sex doll industry. With its unmatched realism, enhanced durability, and low maintenance, STPE stands out as a must-have for collectors and new users alike. This option not only enhances the feel and longevity of the dolls but also elevates the entire experience. Visit our website to explore more about STPE and other innovations, and join our Discord server to connect with a vibrant community of enthusiasts.