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Sex Doll News: New Silicone-Pro Arrival and June Promotions

This week brings the latest updates from SEDOLL as usual. Last week, our TPE series welcomed a remarkably stylish new sex doll—Makoto.C. Her purple bow outfit has captivated every purple lover. This week, we are equally excited to introduce another long-awaited new member—Bridget.A, and we hope she catches your eye.

Introducing the new sex doll of the Silicone-Pro series—Bridget.A:

  • Head Model: #130
    • Makeup Code: A
    • Makeup Style: Bridget.A features a fresh and elegant makeup with orange tones, while her sister version, the bunny girl Bridget.B, sports a pinkish makeup style. Both share a light makeup approach but in different hues.
  • Body Model: 161E
    • Features: Full breasts, buttocks, and thighs, presenting a dreamlike figure.
  • Photography Theme:
    • Theme: Girl reading at home
    • Outfit: Comfortable vest paired with sweatpants, showcasing a casual and relaxed style.

Which type of books would Bridget.A prefer? Intricate finance books or romantic love stories? I tend to think she’s a finance enthusiast—don’t ask me why; it’s just a hunch.

June Sale Preview

TPE Sex Doll series
With the update of robot options, the June sale specially includes promotions for sexbot options-(Waist-spin Sexbot and Blowjob Sexbot )in the TPE series:
Free Gel Breast
Free Evo Skeleton
Free Realistic Body Painting
Free Lubricant Vagina
Free Removable Tongue
Second Head Only $120, Robot Option Only $350

Silicone Sex Doll series
Promotional Offers:
Free Gel Breast
Free Evo Skeleton
Free ROS Mouth
Free Realistic Body Painting
Free Hard Hands & Hard Feet
Free Implanted Eyebrow & Eyelash

That concludes our updates for this week: new releases in the Silicone-Pro series and updates on the June promotional activities. If you have any questions, or would like to engage more deeply with us, please join SEDOLL’s official Discord community. There, you can unlock more information and gain deeper insights into our brand story.

Please continue to follow us, as our next issue will be even more exciting and not to be missed.

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Recent New Arrivals

Resin Head Stand
Artistic head stand featuring a unique shoulder lift design that not only showcases the sex doll’s head at the optimal angle but also enhances the overall aesthetic. This stand is not just functional, but a beautiful piece of art. Available in four colors to perfectly match your sex doll.

May Promotions

TPE Series
Silicone Series

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