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Practical Tips | How To Use 3 Kinds of M16 Bolts?

Three main types of screws are popular on the doll market today: the standard screw(Double Threaded Screw), the single-threaded screw, and the screw for silicone heads. Customers new to dolls may be confused about the assembly, so how do these three types of screws fit together? (For the video version, please slide to the bottom of the page)

1. Standard Connector

The standard connector is the most widely used screw today and is threaded throughout so that either side can be used to connect the head or body. The picture below demonstrates fitting the screw into the neck first and then twisting the head into the screw. You can actually twist the screw into the head first and then twist the head into the neck, both ways are possible, depending on your personal habits. (By the way, please do not twist the screw too tightly, otherwise, it will probably not come off.)

2. Single-Threaded Screw

The singlet-threaded screw is actually simpler and more convenient than the standard screw. The threaded end is twisted into the head first, and then the head is pressed directly into the neck. Remove it in the same way, holding both sides of the head with both hands and pulling it straight outwards.

3. The Screw For Silicone Doll

The connector for the silicone doll uses a special bolt, the threaded end is first swiveled into the neck and then the head is snapped onto the bolt in a pressing motion. If you want to use a silicone body with a TPE head, please choose any of the two previous screws, the screw for the silicone head is special. Please communicate with customer service before you buy.
Check out the video of– How to fit in sex dolls’ three kinds of M16 Bolts?