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Sex doll 157cm VS 161cm, Which love doll do you want?

In order to enrich and upgrade the customer experience, SEDOLL is always on the lookout for body and head shapes that are loved by the public. Since the beginning of last year, we have been targeting the 161cm F-cup, a body whose main feature is a slim waist, narrower shoulders and waist that define her overall slim body, and the 28F bust that accentuates her distinctive and sexy beauty. The 161cm has received a lot of good feedback but is still not as good as our top seller, the 163cm. 163cm is a popular SEDOLL best seller, he may not be the sexiest body in the popular sense, but he is certainly the most natural and realistic. When people see a body like this, their first reaction is “this is beautiful” rather than “this is so sexy”. We wanted to create a dazzling and sexy presence. And so 157cm came into being. When you put 157cm and 161cm together, it is clear that 157cm increases shoulder width, waist and hip circumference proportionally, which has the advantage of being closer to a real, sexy woman. Another thing that 157cm and 163cm have in common is that they are both designed with realistic natural lines on the abdomen, which is actually a very important highlight.

So do you prefer 157cm or 161cm?