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SEDOLL Full Silicone 160cm Introduction

Silicone dolls are famous for its reality and preciousness. The non-recyclability of the silicone material determines her high price, and even during the production process, if there is a production error, the doll will most likely need to be remade from scratch. Even though TPE dolls have almost become the mainstream of the sex doll industry today, silicone still has an irreplaceable and stable position. After all, the real skin texture of human beings can only be truly restored with the help of silicone, such as the folds at the knuckles of the fingers, the presentation of partial color, and the ultra-realistic touch.
SEDOLL focused on the Full silicone160cm, many people are very interested in this, which is why I see the need to introduce SEDOLL’s silicone series to you in detail. Silicone dolls feature three main features: hard hands, hard feet, and super soft parts. We are currently paying more attention to the reality and durability of the tactile level of the silicone series.

Hard Hands

The silicone series hardens and upgrades the hands, which are reflected in the reinforcement of the fingers and wrist joints. The addition of this option greatly protects the hand from damage such as pressure. If you are a buyer of TPE dolls, it is not difficult to find that the finger joints are easily damaged if used improperly, unless you choose to upgrade the finger bones (available on SEDOLL), which can protect the movement of the finger joints to a greater extent.
Silicone dolls can completely eradicate the drawbacks of the hand, and the wrist hard can support part of the weight of the body, which will allow some postures that require wrist support. At the same time, the stiffening fingers also makes the doll more durable, and increases the reality when the doll is required some post for photography.

Hard Feet

No foot studs are required to stand! Ordinary dolls need to be nailed under the feet to stand, and thesilicone dollsofSEDOLL can make dolls stand up without nails. The feet with studs are usually not allowed to stand for too long as all the weight of the doll is on the studs and this may wear out the shoes or floor.

Ultra-soft In Places

The durability of the silicone material determines that it is destined to be harder than TPE. But hard chest and buttocks will greatly impair the real touch. In the treatment of the chest and buttocks, we have added an ultra-soft option. How would you describe this feeling? It’s like water, or jelly. Although SEDOLL’s TPE dolls are available in a jelly breast option, the feel of the silicone breasts and buttocks will turn your imagination upside down when it comes to “softness” and “realism”. The softer part, the stronger the ductility, and vice versa, the stronger parts such as arms and thighs,  can not withstand too much force kneading, otherwise it is easy to deform, and it is likely that it will not be able to rebound. If this is the case, it is recommended to gently rub in the recess until it is back to normal.