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SE#075 in three looks, which sexdoll do you like?

SE#075, this head style has been tried in three different styles of makeup.
Initially, because of the unique shape of her eyes, which resembled the fox demon of ancient Chinese legend, a seductive look was designed with a rosy hue. Even the costume was an Asian kimono, with a lazy, loose bodice and a pink folding fan, all of which coordinated perfectly. So here is 165cm Murasaki.
Later we started to experiment with western styles for this head. The new experiment was risky as the Asian head shape might not work well with the ins-style makeup, but it turned out to be a good one.
This week we have a new special dark look (SED172) that I believe some people will really like. It’s a difficult look to complete and will take more time, but that’s exactly why it looks very delicate. So which one do you like best?