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Sex Doll News: New TPE and Silicone Dolls Launch Simultaneously

Welcome to SEDOLL‘s Weekly Sex Doll News. This week brings exciting updates for both our TPE and Silicone sex doll series with the introduction of two distinctively styled new members. What unique stories do they bring? What new experiences will they offer? Stay tuned as we unveil their mysteries.

New in the TPE Series: Meet Peggy B, the Secret Agent Maid
Under the cover of night, Secret Agent Maid Peggy.B moves swiftly through every corner of the city. She is not just a maid serving at high-end parties but also a secret agent carrying out covert missions. Beneath her classic maid outfit lies not only her perfect figure but also her sharp intelligence and resolute courage — this is the story that came to my mind when I first saw her.

163D’s Body Parameters

Let us welcome this complex new member of the TPE series, Peggy.B. Her slightly gaunt face with a sharp chin, furrowed brows, and intense eyes give off a serious and somewhat unapproachable vibe. She features a brand new head model #132 and body type 163. Although our store offers a 163E body, Peggy.B is matched with the new 163D model, a fresh design that combines BBW style with noticeable abs, providing both a full bust and buttocks along with a strong abdominal line. This design fits perfectly with the image of a strong, powerful secret agent. Peggy.B‘s new persona is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Body: 163D
Body: 163E

Silicone Pro Series Welcomes a New Addition
Following the warm reception of the special agent maid in the TPE series, the Silicone Pro series is not to be outdone. This week, we proudly introduce a new member who is both cute and sexy — Bunny Girl Bridget.B. She is paired with the 161F body model and a newly designed silicone head #130. Unlike previous heads, #130 is not an upgrade from a TPE version but is an entirely new design, showcasing our unique innovation. (Special note: Head #130 does not support ROS, but this could change depending on popular demand.)

Head: #130

In her role as a bunny girl, Bridget.B appears charming yet slightly pitiable, making her irresistibly adorable. Her expressions and demeanor are impossible to ignore. This unique charm, coupled with her fresh look, is sure to capture the attention of doll enthusiasts. Bridget.B is more than just a sex doll; she represents the perfect blend of silicone artistry and character creation.

We proudly present two new head models and a new body style, making a grand entrance with distinctive flair. In the TPE series, the bold and agile secret agent maid Peggy.B captures attention with her unique style, while in the Silicone Pro series, the pink bunny girl Bridget.B steals hearts with her sweet charm. Between these two, whose style do you prefer? The mysterious professionalism of the secret agent or the lively sweetness of the bunny girl? If we were to vote on which outfit fits best, who would get your vote?

What new photography styles will we introduce in our next issue? Will it include elements of SM? The answers will soon be revealed. Stay tuned for next week’s SEDOLL Sex Doll News for more exciting discoveries. See you in the next issue!

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