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Sex Doll News: New TPE Doll and EU Stock Updates

In our exciting last edition, we introduced two enchanting new sex dolls to our SEDOLL community—Avery.B and Jenny.K. Jenny.K, in particular, has made a significant contribution to our Silicone Pro series by introducing new silicone heads and bodies, thereby broadening the range of choices for enthusiasts and offering more customization options. Additionally, we detailed the latest promotional activities for April, bringing a host of surprises to our audience. With last week’s news being so rich and varied, what exciting updates can we look forward to this week? Let’s dive in and find out together.

New Star in the TPE Doll Series—Hannah.C

In the world of SEDOLL’s TPE sex dolls, new stories unfold every week, and this week’s spotlight shines on a blonde, Western-styled beauty—Hannah.C. Entering our realm with the cool demeanor of a skateboard girl, she combines head #128 with the stunning body type 161F, showcasing her unique charm. Her head design features distinctive Western facial traits, complemented by exquisite makeup, green eyes, and flowing blonde hair, highlighting Hannah.C‘s unparalleled beauty and making her unforgettable at first sight.

The 161F is one of the best-selling body types in our store, it pairs seamlessly with Hannah.C’s gorgeous face, naturally exuding an irresistible sensual charm. At this moment, Hannah.C is more than just the most captivating skateboard girl on the street; she represents a vibrant, endlessly charming woman.

Furthermore, another sex doll in our store, Hannah.A, shares the same #128 head but showcases a completely different makeup style, presenting a unique charm distinct from Hannah.C. Faced with these two diverse beauties, which makeup style would you prefer?

New Arrivals in the EU Stock

Recently, our EU Stock welcomed a new batch of carefully selected dolls, featuring 8 best-selling models. Each sex doll comes with high-end customization options, including light tan skin, articulated fingers, EVO skeleton, fixed vagina, standing feet, gel-filled breasts, fixed tongue, and lubricated vagina. These meticulously chosen options reflect our customers’ most common preferences, aiming to satisfy the majority of enthusiasts.

EU Stock Replenishment List

With the arrival of these sex dolls, our EU Stock has been timely updated. It’s worth noting that while we cannot ship to the UK and non-EU member countries, customers in Germany and other regions can expect to receive their new companions within just 5 to 7 days, depending on the destination. This quick delivery time ensures you won’t have to wait long to meet your desired sex doll.

These are the two major pieces of news this week—the launch of new sex TPE dolls in our store and the latest restocking list for our EU Stock. Whether it’s expanding our store’s sex doll collection or replenishing our overseas warehouses, we continue to push forward, ensuring the SEDOLL family not only grows in size but also reaches more countries and regions. Looking to the future, we are confident that SEDOLL will demonstrate even greater charm and influence globally.

Stay tuned for the next edition of our sex doll news, where we’ll bring you more exciting content and updates. Please continue to follow us and witness the growth and prosperity of the SEDOLL family together.