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Steven’s Guided Unboxing Journey of SEDOLL’s Yuuki

In this vibrant season, we are thrilled to share a special sex doll unboxing experience with everyone. This is not just an exploration of beauty, but also a wonderful journey of collaboration between SEDOLL and “Steven”. Steven, as a brand collaborating photographer and a loyal fan of ours, often posts photos on Twitter and Facebook of Tracy and Kemeny in different outfits. With his styling and the rich AI expressions from FaceApp, the photos transform them into real, lively women brimming with charm. This time, Steven will take us through the unboxing of SEDOLL‘s member—Yuuki(TPE Doll), a girl who is 166cm tall with a C cup. Next, let’s delve behind the scenes of the video, sharing some tips and the process of unboxing.

Unboxing Video Overview
Steven’s video not only showcases the entire process of unboxing Yuuki but also reveals the sex doll’s physical details through his unique perspective, such as the fingers, standing feet, mouth, and eyes. In the video, we can see Tracy and Kemeny eagerly anticipating the arrival of their new companion. Witnessed by these two beauties, Steven demonstrates his patience and meticulousness. Despite barely containing his excitement, this is exactly the feeling we hope every customer experiences during unboxing. If you missed this journey, we highly recommend joining us through the following link to experience Steven’s unboxing journey.

Showcasing the accessories
Displaying the doll’s head

Unboxing Precautions
The sex doll unboxing process is a delicate ceremony that requires careful attention to every step. First, ensure your unboxing area is clean and tidy, avoiding any items that could potentially damage the sex doll. Then, gently open the package with the appropriate tools, being sure to avoid using excessive force to prevent scratching the sex doll or accessories. When removing the sex doll, the correct method is to gently lift the arms, then the legs at a 90-degree angle to the body, and finally embrace the whole body to lift it out. This avoids poking the sex doll’s legs with fingers. Also, when removing protective materials from the hands and feet, please remain patient and gentle. Careful handling can prevent any unnecessary scratches to the sex doll’s skin.

Adjusting the doll’s legs
Removing the hand packaging

Detailed Unboxing Process
Releasing a brand-new sex doll from its package is an exciting and highly anticipated process. To ensure this process is both smooth and enjoyable, we have prepared a detailed unboxing guide to help you perfectly welcome your new companion:

1.Gentle Unsealing: Begin by gently tearing the outer packaging, then layer by layer, remove the protective materials surrounding the sex doll, being careful at every step to maintain its integrity.
2.Thorough Inspection: Before the sex doll is fully revealed, take a moment to carefully inspect every part of the sex doll—including the head, instruction manual, clothes, wig, and accessories pack—to ensure everything is intact.
3.Step-by-step Unfolding: After confirming all accessories are undamaged, sequentially take out the instruction manual, clothes, wig, and accessories. Then, gently remove the sex doll’s head, inspect it, and set it aside.
4.Careful Body Removal: Before taking out the sex doll’s body, make sure you have prepared a safe space to place it, such as a table or bed. Before moving the sex doll, ensure the arms and legs are at a 90-degree angle to the body, adjusting the arms first and then the legs, to help avoid any potential damage.
5.Carefully Cut Protective Materials: Once the sex doll is placed on a table or bed, use scissors to carefully cut the protective cotton around the hands and feet. In this step, be gentle to avoid accidentally scratching the sex doll’s skin.
6.Final Assembly: The last step is to attach the sex doll’s head to the body and put on the wig, marking the completion of the unboxing process.
Although this process seems simple, it actually requires some time and patience, especially when adjusting the arms and legs, as it might take some time to become familiar with the sex doll’s skeletal joint structure. By following this guide, we hope every customer enjoys a smooth and fun unboxing experience. Welcome your new member to your world and wish you endless joyful moments with your new companion.

Putting a wig on the doll
Effect of the wig being worn

Though Steven’s unboxing video lasted only a brief ten-plus minutes, in this short time, he not only showed us Yuuki’s delicacy and beauty but also deeply conveyed SEDOLL’s dedication to pursuing aesthetic details and relentless efforts to enhance customer experience. This video is not just a showcase of Yuuki but a vivid interpretation of the SEDOLL brand spirit—we are always committed to bringing every customer not just satisfaction but an unboxing experience that exceeds expectations.

For this, we not only want to thank Steven for this wonderful sharing but also thank every friend who has supported SEDOLL all along. Your encouragement is our motivation to keep progressing. Looking forward, we will continue to bring more exquisitely beautiful sex dolls, sharing more joyful unboxing moments with everyone. Please join us in anticipation of the next unboxing sharing, as we continue on this journey full of surprises.