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What if the feet of sex doll are dirty?

If your love doll’s feet are dirty, wipe them with a damp towel and shower gel.

If there are stains that cannot be removed by shower gel, use cleansing oil to remove them.

If the cleaning oil does not remove the stains, the doll may be stained.

If the doll has a large area of ​​dirt, it is recommended to clean the doll directly in the bathroom.

Lover dolls can withstand the temperature that human skin can withstand, but avoid high temperature (70 degrees and above) “disinfection”.

There is a more effective approach, repair solvent. Apply the TPE sex doll repair solvent on one or both sides of the surface without surface treatment to make it adhere. It takes about 5-6 hours.

How to protect the feet of sex dolls from getting dirty?

Regarding daily maintenance, it is recommended to wash it every 2-4 weeks, which can extend the life cycle of the entity doll.

Another maintenance approach of the entity doll is very important. Silicone Socks is very effective and can make the feet of the sex dolls look more realistic. If you’re in the habit of foot care, you’ll love these socks! Let the entity doll wear these silicone socks, no longer afraid of feet will be dirty, but also make it more beautiful.