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Why not the SE Silicone dolls support oral sex?

You will find most of the silicone doll has no oral sex function if you pay attention to silicone doll’s products. Why do the factories make the silicone doll without the oral function? Is it very difficult? These questions always confuse fans. You will know the reason after reading this article. Silicone is a material that has less smell than TPE. Normally, Silicone is harder than TPE. You will find the difference if you compare the sex experience between silicone and TPE doll. To be honest, The TPE doll is better than a normal silicone doll in sex function. Some factories developed a kind of soft silicone to fix it. Come back to oral sex function, why do we make the head with soft silicone? We know the silicone head can show more detail and better makeup than TPE does. It’s the reason many people select silicone dolls. The point is the silicone will lose this advantage if we use soft silicone material. The soft silicone is hard to make up and showing the detail. If the silicone is the same as TPE doll’s appearance, then who will pay more money for it?
Another reason we don’t make a silicone doll with oral sex function is easy to be damaged. Silicone can’t be fixed if it damage. The broken cleft will become bigger and bigger. The mouth has a special structure in the corners. It’s very easy to tear up. No one wants to see the ugly tearing mouth.