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Why the gel-filled breast easy to damage during the shipment

There is a truth that many gel-filled breasts of doll damaged on the way to the buyer. Why did it happen?Many vendors stop to provide the gel-filled breast option on their website for this reason. SEdoll had fixed itby improving operation technology.Now let’s go inside the source of the accident. We must be known all the damage was happened in the shipment by air. The airplane flies at a height between 7000-12000 meters.  There is very low atmospheric pressure at this height. On the other way, the material of filled gel is close to fluid likes water. The fluid will expand times when the atmospheric pressure gets much lower outside. The breast will explode when it can’t take over the pressure from inside.
If you have tested a kind of Chinese medicine treatment named ‘Cupping jar’, you will understand it clearly.They burn the air in the cup to make the atmospheric pressure get lower. And then put on the patient’s skin quickly. The skin will be sucked up in the cup.
Fortunately, SEdoll had found the problem and fixed it. The resellers of SEdoll will not be affected by it.