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Heloise’s Secret

Heloise, a cold-blooded member of a killer organization, is famous for her high professionalism and unwavering commitment. Regardless of the nature of the mission, once she takes it on, she always goes all out to complete it, without any hesitation or delay. She is one of the top assassins in the organization, and once she locks onto a target, that person’s days are numbered.

In an era filled with warfare and chaos, killer organizations were a product of the times, often sent out to carry out highly dangerous missions. People saw them as fearless individuals, willing to take on life-threatening tasks. When major events happened in the city, the first thought that crossed people’s minds was often the presence of assassins. As for Heloise, one of her favorite pastimes was eavesdropping on rumors and gossip about the killer organization. Although most of these stories were concocted and riddled with inaccuracies, Heloise found endless entertainment in them.

However, on a day two years ago, Heloise suddenly received an urgent mission and mysteriously vanished. When she reemerged, she had transformed into the wife of a high-ranking executive. Nobody knew who her new target was, but all eyes converged on the high-ranking executive; he could very well be the next person to make headlines in the obituaries.

People waited, one month, two months, even five months passed, and the high-ranking executive remained unharmed. This was the longest mission Heloise had ever endured. As a ruthless killer, she had never spared anyone on her hit list, whether they were men, women, or . Hence, nobody believed she would abandon this mission.

However, on a cold Halloween night, while people reveled in the festive atmosphere, Heloise quietly gave birth to a baby in her luxurious villa. She couldn’t resist the call of love, nor could she prevent herself from falling deeply in love with her target. After enduring brutal training and agonizing torture, Heloise had finally discovered the beauty of the world. She was no longer willing to return to the cold, damp shadows; she was like a moth irresistibly drawn to the flame.

Like a moth to the flame, she met her demise.

News of Heloise‘s death came after that festive Halloween day. No one knew her as Heloise, for she had passed away under the guise of a high-ranking administrator’s wife.