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Phoebe.C’s Morning Adventure

Phoebe.C’s Diary, November 14, 2023, Tuesday

Dear Diary,

Today, like always, I was woken up by my mom’s “wake-up call”. As you know, I, Phoebe.C, have always been averse to waking up early, just as the sun is to the night. But no matter how much I protest, my mom tirelessly becomes my “alarm clock” every morning.

Thankfully, I have my brother, who is two years older than me and also dislikes getting up early. This makes me feel like I’m not alone in this battle. This morning, as my mom’s voice echoed through the hallway, I tossed and turned in bed, finally managing to get up, only to bump into my brother who had just woken up. His hair, messy like a bird’s nest, suddenly made me forget my morning displeasure and even sparked a mischievous urge in me.

I quickly grabbed my phone and took a series of ten shots of his “nest“. Realizing this, we started chasing each other around the house like two playful squirrels. Our laughter and footsteps resonated in the quiet morning. Our fun was abruptly halted when we accidentally knocked over the milk on the dining table.

Mom came out of the kitchen upon hearing the noise. I thought she would be angry, but to my surprise, she burst out laughing upon seeing my brother’s hair. Just like that, our family started a new day amid laughter and joy.

My brother has always been worried that I would send his embarrassing photos to his girlfriend, but I had no such intention. As the “victor” of the day, I enjoyed my brother’s indulgence. He made me a fragrant coffee, cut fresh fruit, and even gave me a small gift. Mom sat beside us, watching and occasionally laughing joyfully.

In the afternoon, as light snowflakes began to fall outside the window, I saw an opportunity to break the ice. I half-jokingly ordered my brother to go out and build a snowman. He had just returned these past few days, and like me, he dislikes the early mornings of winter. I remember him arguing with mom about waking up early, leading to a tense atmosphere between them for a few days. But today, it seemed everything was quietly changing.

As my brother stepped out in his heavy coat, mom’s gaze inadvertently followed his figure. I saw a tenderness in her eyes, the deep love of a mother for her son. I subtly signaled to mom, and she seemed to understand. Soon after, she too put on her coat and quietly joined my brother in building the snowman. I followed them quietly and saw a warm scene: my brother and mom building a snowman together, their laughter mingling with the snowflakes in the winter air. Despite the cold, their hearts were warmed by this shared activity.

In the evening, we returned home, and my brother took the initiative to help mom prepare dinner. At the dinner table, my brother apologized to mom, and she smiled gently, patting his hand softly. Today’s small interactions and warm moments filled our home with harmony and love. I believe that today’s events were not just about laughter in the snow, but also a beginning of melting the ice between family members.

Dear Diary, although today was filled with surprises and small incidents, these warm moments deeply made me feel the warmth of home. Tomorrow is a new start, and I hope it will be as beautiful as today.

Yours lovingly, Phoebe.C