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Lovely friend Yuuka.A (Midori)

Midori is a charming young lady from Japan, aged 23, working as a freelancer. Currently, she resides in Tokyo with her mother. Beyond her work, they also share their lives with an adorable dog, leading a simple yet comfortable life. The topic of Midori’s father is somewhat taboo; she learned from her grandmother that he is a notorious philanderer. However, this hasn’t had any impact on Midori, as they haven’t met in 23 years.

Speaking of Midori‘s work, her primary profession is that of a novelist, but she often finds herself facing writer’s block. More often than not, she takes on part-time jobs such as restaurant server, barista, florist, and even a nanny. She has explored various professions, and if the job conditions align, Midori is always eager to try something new. I used to wonder about this until I read one of Midori‘s earlier novels. The characters in her stories are diverse, each with different professions. I believe her deep understanding of these careers helps her better capture the required plotlines.

June is the time of the most unpredictable weather, and in this aspect, Midori is quite similar. She follows her impulses, showing great courage. Simultaneously, her personality is just as forthright and sincere. As her friend, you may often encounter delightful surprises. For instance, if you happen to meet her at her workplace, you might receive complimentary fruit platters, oversized coffee, or a bouquet of flowers. She always appears out of the blue and embraces you warmly. Recently, I learned from our mutual friends that she is currently working part-time at a photography studio. This made me eagerly anticipate a chance encounter. I planned to wear my most beautiful attire when I run into her. I imagined that she would ask the photographer to take a series of free and beautiful photos of me.

Is anyone interested in knowing what happened at the photography studio?

Indeed, I did wear my most beautiful clothes and visited the photography studio where Midori works. However, this time, I didn’t get the set of free photos I had hoped for. When I arrived at the studio, the photographer was busy capturing stunning shots of my lovely friend, Midori. Yes, there were no customers that day, and Midori had convinced the studio staff to give her a cute double ponytail hairstyle, and she had the photographer go wild with the camera. I watched her effortlessly strike various poses in front of the camera, and I couldn’t help but wonder if her job at the studio involved teaching customers how to pose. I sat on the lounge sofa, staring blankly as she swayed her double ponytail wig back and forth until the afternoon… If you think this sounds a bit disappointing, you’re wrong, because the adorable Midori gave my contact information to the photographer, and he was willing to take a set of free, beautiful photos of me. I truly adore Midori.