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How to attach pubic hair for your sex doll?

Hair removal technology is becoming increasingly advanced, and most women now remove their body hair and wear bikinis and halter tops to reveal smooth skin. Gradually, the absence of body hair is becoming a popular aesthetic.

While some people think that keeping body hair looks more sexy and hot and genuine. And in some exciting times, it can cushion friction and reduce the possibility of damaging the skin.

Both of them are available at SEDOLL. As you can see in the options below, none pubic hair is free of charge. pubic hair includes implanted pubic hair and attached pubic hair, which are $50 each.

TPE & Silicone: Subtle differences in options

As mentioned before, pubic hair of sex dolls includes implanted hair and attached hair. As for TPE, when you choose pubic hair for TPE love doll without remarking implanted one or attached one, you will get implanted one. On the contrary, when you choose pubic hair for silicone love doll without leaving any remarks, you will get an attached one.

Implanted pubic hair of sex doll

Attached pubic hair

How to attach pubic hair?

Step 1:Prepare glue and the pubic

Step 2: Apply glue evenly to the inside of pubic hair

Step 3: Apply the pubic hair to the corresponding position on the body, press it gently and leave it for half an hour.

It is definitely easy to attach it to the body, and you need not be afraid it will shed when you are having a passionate time with her.

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