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New doll introduction: Manami

Her Story:

Manami was born in Tokyo 24 years ago. Her career had been decided when she was a little girl. She always played a nurse in the playing house with others. This led her to the way of being a true nurse.

She became a nurse in 3 years ago when she was 21 years old. In the past 3 year she did her job well in the hospital. She is professional in the nursing work. She won the appreciation from the patients for her kindheartedness.

Manami keeps a pure heart and to be kind to everybody. She is an innocent girl. Everything in her life is beautiful. She never feels the malice from anybody. She likes to take care the stray dogs in the weekend. The love and kindness is the atmosphere of her life.

Manami is an well-behaved girl. You will love her if you want a girlfriend who always sticks around you all the time at home. She will be the best option. You will be enjoyed the feeling of love and comfortable.

What are you waiting for? Just take her home right now!

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